Sunday, March 25, 2012

Make-Up Workshop & Light Refreshments- A fruitful & relaxing weekend

I've been extremely busy wt works nowadays, thus do not have sufficient time to update my blog as often as before. However, I notice there're still quite a number of people continuously visiting my blog, really wanna thanks you guys and gals!! ^^

Yesterday, me and my sis attended a FREE make-up workshop organized by Aurora Boutique for it's loyal customers. ^^ The event took place at kota damansara branch of aurora boutique, and there are approximately 30 participants. Berry & Anthony has shared many make-up tips with us, I find it very informative and fruitful. :)

Volunteer & Anthony

The make-up tools ^^

Light refreshments by Bev's Bites & Belle Notes. The cupcakes, pastries, scones etc are extremely yummy and not too sweet, really didn't expect to get this kind of food as refreshments in a FREE workshop, unbelievable. Luckily not those ordinary nyonya kuih and curry puff we usually eat during government meeting, or sandwiches served in hotel during cme.

pineapple tarts , very delicious!!

I love this cake the most, so so tempting and yummy. The mango slices in the cake is fresh mango. :P

Thanks a lot to Aurora Boutique, Meng, Apple, etc :)