Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brunch @ Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Today is a public holiday, how I wish there are few days of PH in a month! I'll be more motivated and happy at work, haha.Since I'm quite free today, I meet up with my fren @ The Curve for brunch and chit-chat session.

We decided to have our meal at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. after much considerations, because my fren wanna try something special and not the ordinary pappa rich, sakae sushi...

It was still early and we get to sit inside. Flip the board to red and a waiter will stop for you. After we made the order, he reminded me to flip the board back to blue so he could continue carrying out other duties. @@ Quite a funny and creative concept.

I tried the mango sparkler @ RM11.90. It's expensive, but I love it! Mango + lemonade + ... (forgot exactly what's inside) sparkling juice, and not too sweet.
We shared a main course- Mama Fried Shrimp @ RM39.90. The portion is big for an Asian lady, but just nice when 2 of us sharing one.

The quotes on the wall are interesting, not forget the attractive interior design too.

All the prices above subjected to 6% gov tax & 10% service charge. Very expensive but worth a try once in a blue moon, or when I win lottery, lol

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tea Time @ Gelare Cafe, e@Curve

Have you ever heard of this website? Group$more, a site where you can get lots of discount (up to 90%) for food at new restaurant, treatment course, function etc. My younger sis recommend this site to me, and last week we went to Gelare Cafe at e@Curve to try the waffle voucher she bought.

The food and beverages there are costly, if not because of the discount voucher, I doubt I'll give it a try.

Nice decoration on the wall.

Cafe Mocha+ one big piece of Free chocolate chip cookies- RM 9.90.

My glass of ice lemon tea- RM7.90. Although the presentation is ok, this is one of the worst ice lemon tea I've tried. ><

Simply Latte + one piece of conflakes cookie- RM9.90

Banana Chocolate Waffle- RM 7 instead of RM17 with the discount voucher. The portion is big, with slices of banana in between. Very crispy and tasty & surprisingly, not too sweet.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Must Try Ice Kacang (ABC) @ Wai Sik Kai, SS2

Last weekend,my family & I had dinner @ SS2, a place that I seldom go although it's near to my house. Those who stay or work in Klang Valley sure know that this place is always crowded with people and heavy traffic, especially when there is pasar malam (night market).

Anyway, after the dinner, I walked over to Wai Sik Kai to take away the yummy ice kacang as dessert. My family members love the ice kacang @ Stall 41 a lot, simply because it's delicious! It's very sumptuous with lots of red beans, jelly, corn etc. The ice is very fine and topped with my favorite gula melaka (brown sugar) syrup and evaporated milk.

Located at a easily spotted site. The first stall on your right when you enter through the front entrance.

Non-stop making ice kacang, no time for him to take a break.

RM2.50 per bowl, usually I can't finish on my own...