Friday, October 10, 2014

Unionjac@Pop, The School,Jaya One

Randomly went to this cafe for a drink. Good latte + yummy homemade salted caramel macaron. Rm10 for the coffee, pay additional rm1 and you get to select your choice of homemade macaron. Good service and quality food.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Biscuit / Bar

Have some leftover hershey's chocolate chips and chocolate bars, so I randomly planned to use up the ingredients while fresh.

Bottom layer made from the mixture of digestive biscuits, butter, peanut butter and very little sugar(optional). Mix well and press it hard on the container to form the base.

Melt the chocolate chips with a small portion of peanut butter. Mix well and pour on the base. 

Put into freezer for 20minutes, then refrigerate for another hour. Cut into bar size or cubes. Is a yummy treat in between meals. Preparation time only 15minutes. If want to melt the chips with microwave, 20seconds for two intervals will do. 
My knife was not sharp, thus they look messy. But the taste is really good.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bingsu @ Caffe Bene, Solaris Mont Kiara

Caffe Bene is a cafe from south korea which becomes very popular in klang valley.
The deco is simple and nice.
The special bingsu, choco devil bingsu. Topped with smooth vanila icecream and brownies.
Strawberry bingsu, quite sour but I like it too.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Dim Sum @ Yoke Fook Moon, Ipoh

Yesterday we went for a day trip in Ipoh for food hunting. As what we expected, Ipoh was packed with locals and tourists as Malaysians are having long weekend for hari raya celebration.

Some of the yummy dim sum we had. Really like the radish cake, salad prawn, 'wu kok', 'nai wong bao'.
Collecting dim sum from the front counter, all will be jolted on the bill. The fish ball ('yu mai') not bad.
Ordinary but delicious dim sum.
The 'siew mai' has tiny size compared kl version, but juicy and tasty. They were steaming hot and crunchy. I can't differenciate these two siew mai, besides one with green peas.
Some funny dim sum with pork and coated with floss, not my taste.
Peanut paste, not up to expectation. Maybe too used to hk style or we were too full, but we just could not finish this dessert.
Almost rm100 for four adults, more pricey than expected. There is 5% service charge but no service provided except for cleaning up the table. Need to refill hot water and take dim sum ourselves, well maybe because it was a public holiday. Suddenly reminds me of our dim sum lunch @ Oriental pavillion, jaya 33. Nine of us only paid rm 270 for a great variety of dim sum, roasted pork , fried noodles with big prawns. @@

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Afternoon Tea @ TWG Salon & Boutique, The Gardens, Midvalley

Have been waited for very long, the person who handled the queue was not competent. 
The selection of macarons, all with tea flavours but I couldn't really taste it.
I ordered a simple tea set which comes with a pot of tea and two raisin scones. My choice of tea- French Early Grey. Fragrant and soothing.
One of the best scones I tasted, comparable to those I tried in UK.
Macarons were too sweet, but the texture was good. I still prefer Pierre Hermé and Laduree I tried in Paris.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lunch @ Serai, Paradigm Mall

It took us quite some time to find this restaurant, which is located at the boulevard area and not inside the main building of paradigm mall. Just take the escalator outside The Loaf bakery, quite near to Uncle K restaurant. You can see the signage to Serai once you found the escalator.
Love the interior design, bright,cozy and spacious.
Serai ice tea, too sweet for my liking despite requested for less sugar. The sorbet icecream inside the tea was good, not too sweet with slight sourish taste.
So far this is the best nasi kerabu I had in Klang Valley. It has the similar taste with the one I tried in Kelantan pasar, of course this at a much more expensive price. Rm22 +16% tax. The ayam percik was really good too.
Pavlova cake as dessert. Very delicious and satisfying!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dessert @ Salon Du Chocolat , Publika

Long queue outside the shop, no numbering system available. A bit confusing when there are many groups of people waiting outside on a weekend night time. However, the service is quite good and the person who served us is polite.
Not much of seats available, thus expect to wait if you come over peak hours.
Finally got to sit down. Friend's son Jayden was excited to see the chocolatey desserts.
Waffle stick, with generous amount of Belgian chocolate. 

Chocolate waffle
The waffle was crispy, and the warm melted chocolate was really good. Chocolate lover like me will definitely enjoy it. However, I suddenly realized the desserts we ordered look different from the photos I saw online. I still did not notice what causes the difference until......
Until when this brownie crepe was served, the caucasian worker suddenly apologized to us by saying white chocolate not available at that moment. Nowonder the presentation not as nice as what I expected... I think they should inform us earlier, em. White chocolate is never my favourite, but I would like to try the combination of three flavours. When we almost leaving the shop, white chocolate was available again and I saw the fantastic chocolate art on other's table. Urggghhh...
By the way, this brownie crepe was really delicious. My friends find this much more special than the waffle, and the little boy enjoyed eating it. 
The interior of the crepe. Brownie folded in the thin crepe, so sinfully good.Personally I have not tried dip n dip, so can't comment on which is better.
  1. Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
  2. 03-6211 2300

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Go Noodle House有间面馆 @Jaya One

Situated above cold storage, near to The School, Jaya One.
This was the f.o.c gold coin during the first month of opening. 
The spicy but tasty chili 
USB charger available everywhere

Huge bowl of noodles with various types of meat balls, for 3-5 persons sharing. Chinese wine for free during the opening month, to be added into noodle for extra taste.
The very tasty pork belly noodle, rm10.90+5% service charge. Very sumptuous and generous portion, more than five slices of pork belly
Photo by my friend, pork belly with fish paste.
Photo by my friend, spicy soup, very delicious.