Monday, July 28, 2014

Dim Sum @ Yoke Fook Moon, Ipoh

Yesterday we went for a day trip in Ipoh for food hunting. As what we expected, Ipoh was packed with locals and tourists as Malaysians are having long weekend for hari raya celebration.

Some of the yummy dim sum we had. Really like the radish cake, salad prawn, 'wu kok', 'nai wong bao'.
Collecting dim sum from the front counter, all will be jolted on the bill. The fish ball ('yu mai') not bad.
Ordinary but delicious dim sum.
The 'siew mai' has tiny size compared kl version, but juicy and tasty. They were steaming hot and crunchy. I can't differenciate these two siew mai, besides one with green peas.
Some funny dim sum with pork and coated with floss, not my taste.
Peanut paste, not up to expectation. Maybe too used to hk style or we were too full, but we just could not finish this dessert.
Almost rm100 for four adults, more pricey than expected. There is 5% service charge but no service provided except for cleaning up the table. Need to refill hot water and take dim sum ourselves, well maybe because it was a public holiday. Suddenly reminds me of our dim sum lunch @ Oriental pavillion, jaya 33. Nine of us only paid rm 270 for a great variety of dim sum, roasted pork , fried noodles with big prawns. @@


Min said...

Got try the yu mai or not? The one you showed in the picture is yu dan, got another type de, more delicious!

Mindy said...

min, when we reached that time many ppl, so just tried whatever available. you hav picture of the yu mai?

-Orchid- said...

so yummy!