Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lennox Firm-Up Collagen Drink is BANNED by Malaysia Ministry of Health

According to the news for The Star Online and various local media, Lennox Firm-Up Collagen Drink is found to be contaminated with diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP), a carcinogenic (cancer-causing) plastic additive!!!

"The Health Ministry has instructed Leton Products (M) Sdn Bhd to withdraw its products as traces of DEHP was found in one of its ingredients, a grape-flavoured concentrate from Taiwan that is produced by CZC Bubble Tea Supplier. The hazardous additive was also found in CZC's strawberry syrup." quoted from The Star Online.

Public is warned not to consume this collagen drink anymore as it puts our health at risk. All the leading pharmacies and beauty stores/outlets eg. Guardian, Caring, Sasa are required to stop selling this particular products as well.

ps: According to the news from Malaysia Ministry of Health Official Website, the batch of Lennox Firm-Up Collagen which is contaminated with DEHP is F1104001.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Miscellaneous Drug Company Gifts

I'm having holiday today, but I still have to receive many calls and settle lots of things regarding my kk,so boring. While trying to enjoy my 'busy' holiday, I try to tidy up my room too. There are 2 VIPs coming to my house next week, so I've to get rid of some unwanted stuffs to make my room look more tidy... eh hem, although it won't help much, hahaha...

While clearing my stuffs, I've to allocate some space to store those drug company gifts I received for the past few months. Those promotional items are obtained during drug company cme talks and seminar organized by Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society. Until now, I still haven't finished using those pens I got since 2008. I

Lots and lots of recycle bags... But I still forget to bring recycle bag for shopping on saturday, still have to pay 20 cents per plastic bag, hehe

One of those useful gifts, umbrella and sun-shield, I put them in my car now. More space for my room but less space for my small car.

I always get free sample of supplements too, essentiale, sangabion, coenzyme Q10, but I don't eat these kind of things...

Some towels... I've given some of these to my subordinates, and one of these towels is my 'blanket' when I sleep in my office during friday long lunch break...

Note books again... but I like the orange water proof toiletries bag, very useful for travelling... :)

My room is quite spacious now , but not sure how long can it last for... 2 days? haha

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Experience as Retail Pharmacist Part 2

Yesterday was my first time of working full day as locum pharmacist, total 8 hours + 1 hour of dinner break. Surprisingly, I was quite enjoying this round and not as exhausted as I have expected. I guess because the permanent pharmacist was around for the first 4 hours.

There were 2 customers who approached me for glucose level testing, RM5 per test. I tested using Accu-Chek Performa system, the glucometer which I'm more familiar with.
One of the customer is a young handsome Malay guy, I guess in his early twenties. His glucose level was 17.2 mmol/L 2-hour after meal (postprandial). According to him, previously (one month ago) his postprandial level was 25 mmol/L, but he was then been told to try on one traditional complementary medicine ( he didn't manage to recall the med. name) and now the glucose level is much better. He's not on any antidiabetic medications and plans to continue consuming the trad. medicine. I tried to explain to him that his glucose level is still high and above normal range, he needs immediate medical consultation and appropriate treatment before diabetes mellitus causes any microvascular and macrovascular complications on him. In the end, the polite young man agreed and decided to seek treatment in private hospital for further management. I hope he keeps his promise and his diabetes can be under controlled soon. After today, I realized that public awareness on diabetes mellitus is still very low. Our ministry of health should put in more efforts to increase the awareness... Prevention is always better than cure!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Experience as Retail Pharmacist Part 1

Tonight I locum at Wellness Pharmacy as usual, but the parking lot was extraordinary packed with cars, and I swiped my card at 17.58pm, luckily could make it on time. As usual, customers came in and out continuously to ask for medications, supplements, beauty products etc.

I met a very polite and educated Japanese man who's in his mid-40s- I guessed. ^^ He just suddenly popped up and wanna buy the Beurer Upper arm blood pressure monitors BM58, without thinking much... The price is around RM390, near RM400. I was quite surprised as this German product is much more costly than brands such as Omron. Without asking for discount, he paid for this promptly and requested for me to test it.

This is the touch screen BP meter he bought, so sophisticated looking.

When I wanna open the battery compartment, I made a few attempts and failed. This's the first time I try using Beurer brand BP set, too used to the Omron brand. The nice customer then helped me to open it but facing some difficulties too. In the end only we realized there's another protector case on top and we have to slide it upward before opening the battery case, it is designed that way to prevent accidental opening of the battery case. I felt embarrassed that time, but he's polite and did not say anything. He also found the adapter port of this BP set which I didn't realize initially. Thank god I did browse through the Beurer brochures last time and know the difference between this and other brands. I then explained to him in details what other functions he could expect from buying this product. He listened carefully with a sincere smile... My conclusion is, I like to serve this kind of customer, haha.