Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lai Thai @ Happy Mansion Section 17

Lai Thai is a grocery store restaurant situated in Happy Mansion, near to the Food Foundary. It serves authentic thai food , just like those you can find in Thailand. The taste has never disappointed us, no matter how many times we visit. However, the price is too expensive for the portion you get, plus the place is always crowded and warm.

Rm6 for this small little coconut

Papaya salad. The must order dish each time!

Pork noodle. Rm5 for tiny little bowl, can finish in seconds. It is tasty though.

The delicious fried Basil leaves with pork rice. Rm7. Price and portion are acceptable.

Photos by Nexus 5

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Yummy Assam Laksa @ Ayer Itam, Penang

The surrounding of the shop. Weather was good when we went last saturday. Windy with cool breeze.

This is the best Assam laksa in Penang, oh well it is called laksa there. Never failed to enjoy it whenever I pay a visit to penang. It is very near to Penang hill, and is in Ayer Itam pasar area.

The fresh sugar cane. Quench your thirst in seconds

Yes , this is the laksa we enjoyed the most. I can find good penang char kuey teow in KL, but difficult to find a good assam laksa comparable to this.

Too crowded, so we sat at 'kaki lima'

Not to miss the crispy and delicious Lobak from the same shop.

Photos taken by nexus 5

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Lunch @ Postcode Restaurant Jaya One

Postcode, a restaurant in Jaya One with the concept of post office and mails. We tried its set lunch for lunch today. The price is reasonable and the food tasted good.

My frenz chin teng and xin yin

Iced cendol. Not that great but acceptable

Part of the interior design

I ordered fish and chip set which comes with iced cendol. Rm12.90 + 10% charge. The presentation is very ordinary, but the taste actually quite good. My fren Hsio ling says better than Tapper's

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lunch @ Thai Camp, Paramount

Iced lemon grass- rm2.50

Yummy red curry wt sliced pork, very yummy. The sauce is slightly spicy with a bit of sweetness, delicious! Rm6.90

Thai camp is a newly opened thai food restaurant in paramount. The owner is my fren's cousin, that is how I get to know about this place. The main chef is a thai girl.

The price is cheap for the comfy environment and quality of food. No service charge or tax!

Photos taken by nexus 5

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sizzling Stewed Mushroom Chicken Yee Mee @ Paramount Garden Restaurant

Sizzling stewed mushroom chicken Yee mee as lunch = full and sleepy. Had this at paramount garden restaurant, a place which is always packed with people. The sauce is a bit too thick to my liking, quite salty. The addition of dried chilly and homemade chilly sauce give it a much better taste. The chicken and mushrooms are juicy and soft.

Photo taken by Nexus 5

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Seaweed Popiah @ Section 17 , Wah Cheong

Mindy's Corner

Yummy & tasty seaweed popiah with wasabi, very crispy and I could not stop eating it. Taste like sushi, but of course is the healthier version. Japanese rice replaced with vege, less calories + less guilty. Rm4.80.

Photo taken by Nexus 5.

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