Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Pharmacists' Workshop on Ophthalmology- The Saujana, Kuala Lumpur

Last Sunday I attended this free Pharmacists' Workshop on Ophthalmology organized by CMPMedica & sponsored by Allergan. It was held at Saujana Hotel, on the way to Subang Airport. The workshop is very good since it caters for pharmacists only and cover a few topics such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, floaters, age-related macular degeneration, red eye, dry eyes etc. The speakers are eye specialists, ophthalmologist, chief pharmacist from International Specialist Eye Centre. I enjoyed this workshop because we just have to sit down and listen, no need to do anything and just to gain knowledge. Btw, the food provided is good, although the smoked salmon fish was too salty for my liking.

Sometimes I find myself very outdated after working for few years in the same kind of environment, especially being stuck at my current kk. I really do not understand why some people can work for 20-30 years at such an old kk without getting bored of it. Before I get my transfer or resign, I'll attend more of these workshops so I can meet new people, gain some up-to-date knowledge and improve myself. I don't want to become a pharmacist who only know how to dispense cough & cold mixtures. Luckily my kk still have a full range of list A medicines with the well-known FMS around, and I'm staying at Klang Valley area. My next plan is to start my locum asap, although I know it'll be challenging. Have to learn to deal with Caucasians, haha.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A MUST Go Coffee House- dr. Cafe Coffee @ Solaris, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Last night my sis went to search for Tenji, Solaris as her company going to treat them buffer dinner there. Really envy those people who work for private, always get high bonus or complimentary dinner at 5star hotels and expensive restaurants.

Anyway, later on we went to dr. Cafe Coffee house for a drink. Heard that it's quite famous and serve the best coffee in the world ( a bit exaggerating), not sure how true it is. People who know me well definitely know that I'm never a coffee lover. However, I ordered a cup of ice mocha caramel (RM11.55 nett), just wanna taste how good is the coffee.

Nice interior design

Lots of dessert too. We've taken away some for my youngest sis who's suffering for her exam, hahaha

Coffee bean for sale

Mug & Cup for sale. Will be a good choice as Christmas gift

Ice Mocha Caramel- Look so 'kao', not bad, but honestly I don't know how to differentiate coffee, haha. For those people who don't fancy coffee like me, there're many types of cocktail and juices for you to choose from, an addition point compared to other well known coffee shops where you can only order coffee, tea or soda drinks. My friend tried a drink called Relax (RM10.50 nett), very refreshing, cooling and nice.

Very comfortable seats with cushion. Wifi available and the speed is ok. Snapped all the photos with my fren's iPhone 4. Really like the environment here, not too crowded & noisy like StarXXXks or Coffee Bxxxx, spacious, comfortable, good service...

Some people prefer to sit at higher level with ordinary chairs and table. More suitable for interview, business or career-related discussion, lol.

To learn more about this cafe, visit its official website.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Suspected Dengue?

2 nights ago, I started to feel nauseated, stomach cramp, fever, chills, headache and generalized body ache. The body ache was so torturing that I couldn't sleep well, the feeling was like someone non-stop hammering you. The stomach cramp was unbearable too, but no diarrhea.

Yesterday morning I went to polyclinic to seek treatment, reluctantly. The pain was so killing that I walked like an old lady. I was not given any medications as the doctor knows that I've all the required medicines at home. Since I was suspected to have dengue, he told me to monitor my own body temperature regularly, and I bought the Wellmex glass mercury thermometer from his clinic. When I was at home and wanted to check my body temperature, I realized that the thermometer is damaged... The reading always at 38C even I tried to immerse it in a cup of ice water. >< But I was too weak and lazy to ask for refund from the clinic, whatever, just pop Paracetamol into my mouth when I feel feverish, I know it's subjective though.

The body ache already subsided last night after I've taken Ponstan. Now I've occasional fever, stomach cramp and nausea, but getting much better compared to yesterday morning, at least I could sleep well last night. Tomorrow going to my KK to do blood test, hopefully everything turn out to be fine...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ice-Cream Cake @ Baskin- Robbins, The Curve

Vanilla ice-cream chocolate cake

Salty chocolate cake with the yummy ice-cream, good combination!!!

* Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dinner @ Vivo The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Dinner at Vivo The Curve last night.

Many kids around, quite noisy initially but eventually get used to it. Vivo is a suitable place for young parents to bring their kids out for dinner. There're sets of dining utensils for small kids.

Chili powder as toppings for my pizza!

Fruity Fitness- RM 7.80. Watermelon + Strawberry fruit juice

Classic Caesar Salad- RM7.80
(special rate for any spent of RM20 and above in a single receipt)
I like the chunks of crispy garlic bread a lot!

Specially order for me upon request! Hawaii thin crust pizza 13"- RM26.90

Very very delicious... yummmmmmmmmm!!! Much nicer than Pizza HxT & Domixxo

Me and the giant pizza, haha

Carbonara Linguine- RM16.80- The portion looks small, but very filling! It's very creamy and cheesy, cheese-lover will enjoy eating this.

We get this small gift fr the restaurant- A fridge magnet.

* All the prices above are subjected to 10% service charge.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sekinchan, Kuala Selangor

Photo of the Fish Village- a very peaceful scene.

Path along the paddy field

Paddy field, still too early to be harvested

Corn plant... but the corn is no where to be seen

Seafood dinner at River View Seafood Restaurant. Fried squid


Sunday, November 7, 2010

UniQlo Opening @ Fahrenheit 88 Store - From Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur

Today I went to Fahrenheit 88 for the opening special of UniQlo, thanks to Uncle Lawrence, Uncle Jason & Aunt Chris for the 'offer'. We managed to get into the store easily, but I have to pay salute to those people who queued up patiently for their turns to 'maneuver' into the store.

Advertisement and banners are seen all over the corners.
People already started to line up before 10am... ><>

Here I come...


Not all items have special offer. Most of the items with special rate are Fleece, UniQlo Jeans (UJ), UniQlo T-shirts (UT). I bought 4 pair of jeans with the special price of RM49.90/pair, usual price RM99.90. The quality is good, soft and light. Bought micro fleece too, but the design I like the most don't have my size, sigh. ><>
Look at this! Sign board for those people who are not sure where does the queue start and end! You have to queue for fitting room, for cashier. Btw, Amex is not accepted by the cashier counter.

You have to line up for at least 20minutes for the fitting room... so my advice is GRAB as much of clothes as you can and RUSH to the queue or else you have to wait even longer period.

Line up for cashier. There are 3 floors, so better pay at the second floor as the crowd of people is comparatively less.

Scratching head... which one shall I pick?

Buy RM200 and above and you will get this recycle bag for free.
After shopping, we went for lunch in a restaurant nearby.
Drunken chicken noodle... yummy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Lunch @ Killiney, Setia Alam

Killiney, a kopitiam originate from Singapore has quite a few branches in Malaysia. There's one near my house at uptown, but I've never stepped into the restaurant before. It's opened before Village Park but not as famous, thus I always forget its existence.

2 weeks ago I went to Setia Alam, Shah Alam and had late lunch at Killiney. The Killiney kopitiam at Setia Alam is very spacious and comfortable.

Not many customers around as it was around 3pm.

First time dine in at Killiney, not sure what to order, so I simply picked a healthy drink, haha. Cucumber & apple juice, very refreshing and cooling.

Ice-blended corn drink, not bad but a bit filling.

Thai-style chicken chop rice.

This is what I ate- Killiney's Chicken chop with mushroom sauce. The chicken is very crispy and I especially like the thick mushroom sauce. The portion is not too big, just nice for me.

If you don't mind to wait slightly longer, you should try the chicken chop, it's really good. Overall the food at Killiney is better than Oldtown, and at cheaper price too. It doesn't have so many choices of dessert as compared to PappaRich, but worth a try too. I am not sure is it only me, but I always feel very warm when I'm at PappaRich, no matter which branch I go.