Friday, November 5, 2010

Lunch @ Killiney, Setia Alam

Killiney, a kopitiam originate from Singapore has quite a few branches in Malaysia. There's one near my house at uptown, but I've never stepped into the restaurant before. It's opened before Village Park but not as famous, thus I always forget its existence.

2 weeks ago I went to Setia Alam, Shah Alam and had late lunch at Killiney. The Killiney kopitiam at Setia Alam is very spacious and comfortable.

Not many customers around as it was around 3pm.

First time dine in at Killiney, not sure what to order, so I simply picked a healthy drink, haha. Cucumber & apple juice, very refreshing and cooling.

Ice-blended corn drink, not bad but a bit filling.

Thai-style chicken chop rice.

This is what I ate- Killiney's Chicken chop with mushroom sauce. The chicken is very crispy and I especially like the thick mushroom sauce. The portion is not too big, just nice for me.

If you don't mind to wait slightly longer, you should try the chicken chop, it's really good. Overall the food at Killiney is better than Oldtown, and at cheaper price too. It doesn't have so many choices of dessert as compared to PappaRich, but worth a try too. I am not sure is it only me, but I always feel very warm when I'm at PappaRich, no matter which branch I go.


bacterium said...

There is a killiney's near the place I work too. Their food is actually not so bad, although a bit pricey compare to the standard foodcourt price. One thing good is that they open very early, can go for breakfast before we start work. Yeah, I feel kinda warm in Pappa Rich too, but not to the extent that we will start to sweat.

Mindy said...

i havent try killiney's breakfast b4, wanna try it one day.

Setia Alam said...

Hi Mindy, i tried their breakfast that day and frankly speaking, can be comparable to old town, i like their coffee alot:) This is the first time i visit Killiney, in Setia Alam:)