Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hoi Thong Restaurant (Hol Thong) @ Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya.

Went there for dinner last week, a place with good seafood and fried 'nam yu' chicken. We used to have CNY reunion dinner there few yrs back, but nowadays we go to Super Tanker.

A simple & ordinary chinese restaurant with good chef and affordable price

My favourite Kum Heong crab, taste superb!!! It's so tasty until i wanna swallow the shell, hahah, just kidding. But really YUMMY ^^

Crispy flesh, very fresh and nice.

Asam fish
The yam is great, outer layer is crispy, but the yam will melt once u take the first bite
Marmite chicken

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dinner @ The Ship, Damansara Utama

Yesterday was the first day of Hari raya, my mum suggested to have dinner at The Ship because she wanna eat Western Food. We brought along our maid, Fatimah, and this's the first time we brought her out for dinner after more than 2 years of working at my house. She's one of the best maids that we ever have, very hardworking, smart and have been taking care of my grandmother carefully during her last few years. As a token of appreciation, we gave her a dinner treat on her new year.

Browsing through the menu, I couldn't really make up my mind. I dun fancy fried stuff that is full of flour... Finally I decided to have Sizzling Chicken Fillet as my dinner, and really happy that I made the right choice!!! My younger sis ordered Phoenix Neptune Combo, I think it's almost the same as mine, just with the addition of tiger prawns and a baked corn. I quite like the garlic toast at The Ship, the toast was very crispy and full of garlic!

Phoenix Neptune Combo- RM35.90, not including 15% tax

Sizzling Chicken Fillet- RM 21.90, not including 15% tax. The chicken was soft & tender and tasted really good with the sauce. I like sizzling pan because the food will be warmed all the time. However, my mum thought the sauce was a bit salty.

Sitting on the left is our maid Fatimah. She's shy and dunno how to smile at the camera. She had fillet steak as dinner, the only time where she can have beef since my family dun take beef.

My smile's so fake and unnatural... Not yet get ready man...

My sis and my aunt- my grandma's sister

We spent a total of RM262.90 for 7 persons yesterday night, quite reasonable price for a restaurant like The Ship. However, I think the service provided by some of the waiters wasn't that good, some of them looked lost and blur, maybe because too many customers around that night.

Friday, September 18, 2009

How do I solve my acne problem

I had been suffering from acne breakout & relapse since 2008. The symptoms always reappeared after being resolved, which made me feel rather distressed and annoyed. I was quite confused initially, why did I have acne/pimple at this age and not during my teenage days? I still remember I did not have any acne since 13 year-old until I completed my PRP service at Temerloh. The most I had was 1-2 tiny pimples when I was stressed during exam period.

I started to go for facial treatment in Nov 2008 at Jean Yip, The Curve. Initially, the effect was not very prominent but slowly I could c improvement in my skin condition. My skin is not so oily as before especially after I use the Revolution sebum control. I like this product a lot as it helps to control sebum/oil of my face and thus reduce the formation of pimples. Besides, with the addition of menthol, this product gives me a cooling sensation on my face and helps to keep me awake, lol.

My skin getting better since I started facial treatment, but pimples still reappear occasionally especially before my menstrual period. After being recommended by my beautician, Joyce, I started to take Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) 1000mg per day. All this while I only know that EPO is good in regulating our menses but didn't realise that it can also improve acne and some other skin problems. After GOOGLE for it, I decided to give it a try since EPO is good for female afterall, it'll do no harm to my body, if not better. I bought Bio-Life EPO from Guardian pharmacy as it was having promotion that time and very cheap.

After trying the above product for 4 months plus, my condition improved and I'm very satisfied with the outcome. That day I saw a colleague of mine who has transfered to KL. She was so shocked to see my face condition which improved a lot since she last saw me. I'm so happy now. I was quite depressed early this year when my acne couldn't be controlled although already taking Roaccutane prescribed by a famous skin specialist at Jalan Imbi, KL. I stopped taking Roaccutane after 3 wks of treatment and refuse to see the specialist again. I know he'll only tell me to keep taking oral antibiotics or Roaccutane and apply antibiotic gel. The worst part is I always have to go there super early in the morning, waited for few hours and only get consultation for 10 min (or less), getting medicines which I know where to buy it for myself at much cheaper price. The only topical antibiotic that I like to use now is Clindamycin 1% solution by Pfizer. This can be purchased at any pharmacy store and is very effective, but do not use it for too long period.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chuan Kee Restaurant @ Mengkarak, Pahang

Last night I went to Mengkarak with some of my frenz to have dinner at Chuan Kee Restaurant. I've heard about this restaurant since last year and always wan to try the food there. My junior, a local girl, told us that we have to gather as many people as possible so we can try all the specialties which come in big portion.
When we reached the restaurant, it's quite empty since we were quite early.My junior had made reservation so our table was ready once we reached. Axian from Astro AEC had been to this restaurant and recommended many types of traditional chinese luxury dishes.

Pig knuckle with sea cucumber
I like it a lot, the pork was so tasty and juicy. The sea cucumber were crispy and tasty as well. But now I feel a bit guilty because of the high amount of calory + cholesterol. @@
Fried田鸡(frog?) Eat it together with the special sauce,very crispy & the meat was well seasoned.
The vege look simple but delicious,maybe because it has 'wok hei', if u know what I mean, lol.
The sharkfin soup was really good, we were so amazed while looking at the handsome amount of sharkfin & dry scallop in the soup! There were 9 of us and each of us could have 2 full bowls of sharkfin soup! Too bad I forgot to snap a photo of it! But you can take a look at this photo I found online.

We didn't try 佛跳墙 (Fo Tiao Qiang) because we need at least 12-15 people to share the bill and also to finish it! The portion of food there is big and really worth the price. We paid around RM29 per person for the above luxury expensive food which I think is quite cheap. If you pay the same price in KL, maybe u can only get the sharkfin soup & pig knuckle with few slices of sea cucumber.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dinner Treat @ Sakae Sushi, The Curve

Few days back when Huey Im told me she will be coming back to Malaysia for holiday, I promised to give her a dinner treat. When we met up at The Curve last night, Huey Im suggested to have dinner at Sakae Sushi, a place where I have dined out for more than 10 times I guess. Since the opening of Zanmai Sushi, I seldom go to Sakae Sushi for meal but it's still a good place for Japanese cuisine.

Order food with computer is much more convenient especially for a hectic restaurant like Sakae

We went in around 6.15pm, purposely chose to go in before buka puasa time. The restaurant already flooded with customers although it was still early. I really wonder how much the owner earn per month, lol. We ordered a lot of sushi until we can't finish some of it, what a waste haha.

Huey Im's favourite- Salmon sashimi. I didn't dare to eat this until 2008, when I tried my first bite and starting to like it until now. But I still prefer raw salmon with sushi rather than salmon alone @@
My favourite unagi!!! Unagi with teriyaki sauce is always the best combination
First time tried this- Lemon Sorbet. Very very fine ice-cream with lemon flavoring. When we almost finised the dessert, I could feel the bitterness of lemon which is what I like. Yummy ^^

Friday, September 4, 2009

When? When? When?

18 September 2009 is my 3-year anniversary of working at the current hospital. When I first reported duty at kuantan back in 2006, I didn't expect myself to be working at the same place for so many years. Frankly speaking, I quite enjoy working there because not much of politics and can get along quite well with my fellow colleagues. But after work I don't like the life over there. The town is so small and 'dead', not much of activities can be carried out. Not many friends around there too, or shall I phrase it this way. Most of the friends over there are very homely and boring, can be bored to death if you can't adapt yourself to it.

When will I get my transfer? Have submitted the letter since last yr but until now still KIV. Why some juniors get to transfer out but we still stuck at the same old place? Please answer me~~