Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dinner @ The Ship, Damansara Utama

Yesterday was the first day of Hari raya, my mum suggested to have dinner at The Ship because she wanna eat Western Food. We brought along our maid, Fatimah, and this's the first time we brought her out for dinner after more than 2 years of working at my house. She's one of the best maids that we ever have, very hardworking, smart and have been taking care of my grandmother carefully during her last few years. As a token of appreciation, we gave her a dinner treat on her new year.

Browsing through the menu, I couldn't really make up my mind. I dun fancy fried stuff that is full of flour... Finally I decided to have Sizzling Chicken Fillet as my dinner, and really happy that I made the right choice!!! My younger sis ordered Phoenix Neptune Combo, I think it's almost the same as mine, just with the addition of tiger prawns and a baked corn. I quite like the garlic toast at The Ship, the toast was very crispy and full of garlic!

Phoenix Neptune Combo- RM35.90, not including 15% tax

Sizzling Chicken Fillet- RM 21.90, not including 15% tax. The chicken was soft & tender and tasted really good with the sauce. I like sizzling pan because the food will be warmed all the time. However, my mum thought the sauce was a bit salty.

Sitting on the left is our maid Fatimah. She's shy and dunno how to smile at the camera. She had fillet steak as dinner, the only time where she can have beef since my family dun take beef.

My smile's so fake and unnatural... Not yet get ready man...

My sis and my aunt- my grandma's sister

We spent a total of RM262.90 for 7 persons yesterday night, quite reasonable price for a restaurant like The Ship. However, I think the service provided by some of the waiters wasn't that good, some of them looked lost and blur, maybe because too many customers around that night.


Min said...

Mindy, you all three sisters have the same hair style ho, look very alike lo:)

Mindy said...

is it? they r copy cat, haha

花 花 宇 宙 said...

No lah, mindy sister have layer, just all long hair. Haha, i think i really see mindy in any other hairstyle except long hair lor.

Mindy said...

haha, i am so used to my hairstyle now