Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chuan Kee Restaurant @ Mengkarak, Pahang

Last night I went to Mengkarak with some of my frenz to have dinner at Chuan Kee Restaurant. I've heard about this restaurant since last year and always wan to try the food there. My junior, a local girl, told us that we have to gather as many people as possible so we can try all the specialties which come in big portion.
When we reached the restaurant, it's quite empty since we were quite early.My junior had made reservation so our table was ready once we reached. Axian from Astro AEC had been to this restaurant and recommended many types of traditional chinese luxury dishes.

Pig knuckle with sea cucumber
I like it a lot, the pork was so tasty and juicy. The sea cucumber were crispy and tasty as well. But now I feel a bit guilty because of the high amount of calory + cholesterol. @@
Fried田鸡(frog?) Eat it together with the special sauce,very crispy & the meat was well seasoned.
The vege look simple but delicious,maybe because it has 'wok hei', if u know what I mean, lol.
The sharkfin soup was really good, we were so amazed while looking at the handsome amount of sharkfin & dry scallop in the soup! There were 9 of us and each of us could have 2 full bowls of sharkfin soup! Too bad I forgot to snap a photo of it! But you can take a look at this photo I found online.

We didn't try 佛跳墙 (Fo Tiao Qiang) because we need at least 12-15 people to share the bill and also to finish it! The portion of food there is big and really worth the price. We paid around RM29 per person for the above luxury expensive food which I think is quite cheap. If you pay the same price in KL, maybe u can only get the sharkfin soup & pig knuckle with few slices of sea cucumber.


花 花 宇 宙 said...

hei, where is mengkarak?how come the sea cucumber can be crispy, i thought it is soft. Very cheap ler, next time bring me there lah.

Mindy said...

Jessie, mengkarak is quite near to triang, around 20-30min from temerloh.

Oh the sea cucumber, outer layer is soft, inner part crispy, maybe because they didn't cook for too long. But the taste very nice, a bit like 'dong gu ji jiao'.

Sure, but we need many people to go together, if not we can't order too much. And need to call them and reserve lo. I also wanna go again to try the 'fo tiao qiang'.

花 花 宇 宙 said...

Then u give me a call when u wana go ah, i sure drive all the way to eat nice food, haha. If u need more ppl perhaps i can bring some from here also.

Mindy said...

ok, actually yap alone equals to 3 men, ahahah, big eater