Friday, February 29, 2008

Stress-Induced Pimples

I've some ugly pimples on my face now, how can I get rid of them??? The last time I had this problem was in September 07, when I was waiting for my posting letter. I think the only solution is by attending stress management course, grrrrrrrrrrr

Sunday, February 24, 2008

busy Busy BUSY!!!

Life back to normal after CNY break, yeah, extremely busy life! So many things to be completed everyday, and with some big projects on hand, going back at 5pm everyday is just a dream! Next month I'm going for Kursus Induksi which will be held in Rompin/Cherating. Someone told me it's a couple trip, but only for certain people, lol~~ I've no idea where Rompin is, just know that it's in Pahang, and super far from KL. Let's hope that we get to walk around and explore Rompin during the course. It's very near to Pulau Tioman, I shall bring along my sun block, don't wanna be a chocolate when I'm back.

Friday, February 22, 2008


近來覺得自己過得好平淡,每天就這樣百無聊賴地過日子。 上班時忙得不可開交,除了每天的工作,手頭上還有2個project,一天到晚對着電腦,想到就覺得厭煩! 下班后也沒什么特別的活動,不外是到外吃頓晚餐,看看Astro,反正就是Boring! 回到KL時,就偶爾逛街,跟朋友見面,看場電影。想要做點比較不一樣的事情,但不知道要干什好。。。

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No Exercise for 2 Weeks

Just came out from OT an hour ago, I mean Operation Theater, not overtime, lol. Nothing really serious, just to cut off a viral wart which accompanied me since 3-4 yrs ago. Guess how much I paid? RM416.xx, ahhhhhhh~~ And now it's still bleeding, a piece of advice from the dermatology consultant was not to walk too much. Em, this's really difficult, I've planned to walk up&down the staircase to burn extra calories. What shall I do now?

Sorry, this is disgusting~~

Talking about loosing weight, I'm really serious this time. My weight was xkg back in 1999, x+7kg during my third year of Uni and now it reaches x+9kg!!! I shall put some effort before I'm diagnosed with obesity. == Now I can't exercise for another 2 weeks, so I shall come out with other solutions... What can I try? Read about Medifast Weight Loss Program/Diet in a mag few days ago. According to what I read, we have to eat every 2-3 hours in a day,altogether 5 Medifast meals + 1 lean&green meal. Actually this sounds interesting, I still can stuff myself with puddings, bars, cold drinks etc if I undertake this prog. The problem is how am I going to eat 2-3 hourly while working in the hospital?? Moreover, the Medifast products must be quite costly I guess. $_$ Maybe I shall wait til my wound healed and resume the daily exercise.

Stress Balls- Aren't they Cute?

Happy Valentine's Day

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My One Day Trip in Malacca

Yesterday I went to Malacca town with Huey Im and her friend, although it was only a 1 day trip, we still have some enjoyable moments. Frankly speaking, we didn't know the directions at all, just trial and error, hehe. Also thanks to my sis Angeline for the info & little map, not forgetting the friendly tauke in Malacca. :)

Once we reached Malacca town, the first thing we hunted for was the well-known chicken rice ball in Jonker Street.

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice, the originator of chicken rice balls

The chicken rice balls look like fish balls ^^

We spent some time walking along jonker street and bought some small souvenirs. The stuffs sold there are quite similar but cheaper than those things you can find at The Curve Flea Market. This street is famous for its antique shops too.

We went to eat nyonya cendol after spending 2 hours under the hot sun. Nyonya cendol is shaved ice with coconut milk, brown sugar, green coloured jelly cendol and red beans (no peanuts). It is very tasty, don't miss it if you are cendol lovers!!! :)

Malacca is Malaysia's Historic City, thus we also visited some famous tourist spots such as St. Paul's Church, the Red House & Stadthuys, some museums which I forgot the names etc. If you want to know more about Malacca, please visit its official site, I'm not good at elaborating this. ><

I used to memorise the history of Malacca when I was in Secondary school, but now I can barely remember the details, is this the sign of ageing? I can only recall that Malacca was conquered by Portugese, Dutch and British before it gained independence.

Wanna go for a ride???

St. Paul's Church

Before we went back to KL, we had dinner at Capitol Satay Celup. It is self-service steamboat cooked with satay sauce, so if you love satay, definitely you'll enjoy this meal. (It took us quite some time to find this restaurant~~)

Monday, February 11, 2008

I love Chinese New Year

From the left: My eldest sis Angeline, me, my youngest sis ChaeYin, my cousin sis Pei Theng and my cousin bro Kay Mun

Cool Lion Dance!

Because I've the opportunity to take a longer break

Because I can rest and have fun all the time

Because I can stay at home

Because I can do whatever I like, put away things like 5S ><

But I have the risk of getting rounder... you know what I mean!