Sunday, February 24, 2008

busy Busy BUSY!!!

Life back to normal after CNY break, yeah, extremely busy life! So many things to be completed everyday, and with some big projects on hand, going back at 5pm everyday is just a dream! Next month I'm going for Kursus Induksi which will be held in Rompin/Cherating. Someone told me it's a couple trip, but only for certain people, lol~~ I've no idea where Rompin is, just know that it's in Pahang, and super far from KL. Let's hope that we get to walk around and explore Rompin during the course. It's very near to Pulau Tioman, I shall bring along my sun block, don't wanna be a chocolate when I'm back.


GodhandAkira said...

well, remember take some pic there and tell me what ur experience there. Hope u enjoy there ya.Take care.

Mindy said...

Sure, sure ^^