Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No Exercise for 2 Weeks

Just came out from OT an hour ago, I mean Operation Theater, not overtime, lol. Nothing really serious, just to cut off a viral wart which accompanied me since 3-4 yrs ago. Guess how much I paid? RM416.xx, ahhhhhhh~~ And now it's still bleeding, a piece of advice from the dermatology consultant was not to walk too much. Em, this's really difficult, I've planned to walk up&down the staircase to burn extra calories. What shall I do now?

Sorry, this is disgusting~~

Talking about loosing weight, I'm really serious this time. My weight was xkg back in 1999, x+7kg during my third year of Uni and now it reaches x+9kg!!! I shall put some effort before I'm diagnosed with obesity. == Now I can't exercise for another 2 weeks, so I shall come out with other solutions... What can I try? Read about Medifast Weight Loss Program/Diet in a mag few days ago. According to what I read, we have to eat every 2-3 hours in a day,altogether 5 Medifast meals + 1 lean&green meal. Actually this sounds interesting, I still can stuff myself with puddings, bars, cold drinks etc if I undertake this prog. The problem is how am I going to eat 2-3 hourly while working in the hospital?? Moreover, the Medifast products must be quite costly I guess. $_$ Maybe I shall wait til my wound healed and resume the daily exercise.

Stress Balls- Aren't they Cute?


Sze Min said...

wei, the photo is really digusting la...if can't exercise, then don't eat too much lo. I gained weight during cny too, and I really planned to keep fit and watch my diet already. Or you can try yoga, it's a efficient way to loose weight, believe me :)

Mindy said...

min, I don't know how to do yoga, my joints are too stiff ==

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