Saturday, August 24, 2013

Free Flow of Coffee @ Coffee Societe, Publika

After celebrated Ivy's birthday, we went to Coffee Societe @ Publika to have coffee and dessert. Here is very popular recently for its free flow of coffee at a mere RM 10, including both hot and cold coffee beverages. The free flow concept only applicable every Friday and Saturday from 6pm-12am. However, the last call is at 11pm. Coffee lovers should not miss this offer as I am not sure how long will this promotion be. 

The cafe is full of customers especially youngsters. Although the place is crowded, the waiters are quite fast and we did not wait too long to place our orders.

All kinds of coffee, cappuccino,mocha, latte..... need to add RM 1 for mocha, latte, hazelnut coffee if I am not mistaken. 

Really enjoy looking at these "artworks". So cute and adorable...
The lemonade is great too, but of course no free flow available. RM 11.90
The red velvet cake, not bad and quite moist.Rm12

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nasi Ayam Penyet @ Brisik Restaurant, Jaya One

Today I had lunch with my ex small boss and a few colleagues, it has been quite some time since we last had lunch together. Previously we worked in the same clinic in Seri Kembangan, and eventually all of us transferred to bureau/admin within a year, lol.

I have chosen Brisik Restaurant because we wanna try something different from Japanese food and Tappers in Jaya One. Besides, this restaurant is halal and I see a few Malays dine in there. We were in a rush today as there is only an hour break, thus we just ordered the lunch menu despite hearing a lot of recommendations from the boss. 

Each of us ordered this-Nasi Ayam Penyet for RM12.00 with a glass of water. Add on Rm1.00 to get a glass of ice lemon tea. 

This dish looks simple, but the taste is great. It does not taste like the very typical traditional Ayam Penyet. The chicken is not spicy but goes well with the chilli sauce provided. I especially like those small flakes of crispy stuffs. ^_^

The environment of this restaurant is good with nice decoration and not crowded. Would definitely go back again on one Friday lunch break. 

Friday, August 16, 2013


自从在马来亚大学一带上班,我们常会到十七区吃午餐。虽然十七区一带交通繁忙,泊车也不方便,但却是个美食卧虎藏龙的地方。其中一家专卖全蛋叉烧云吞面的店铺更是我们常去用膳的地方。虽然去过很多次,但我一直没留意它的店名。它座落在happy mansion旁边,也就是大学生可吃到rm3.30经济饭的那两排店那儿。 店铺就在中间,附近有家dobby和speed99. 


每次吃干捞云吞面我一定要加青辣椒,要不然会觉得缺少些什么似的。一碗小的云吞面(rm4.50) 是很完美的一餐,营养均衡,还有汤水。这家全蛋面非常爽口,没有我最怕的碱水味, 值得推荐! 蜜汁叉烧更是我的最爱, 不肥腻但也不会干, 刚刚好。如果你有注意到,这云吞面也加了些猪油渣,虽然不是很健康,但真的特别香。每次想到这个面,我的肚子就直打鼓。 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Tai Lei Loi Kei Pork Chop Bun@ Kota Damansara

Today my sis and I went to Tai Lei Loi Kei (大利来记澳门猪扒包) Pork Chop Bun restaurant at Kota Damansara to take away some buns. This famous pork chop bun originated from Macau and heard that it always  attract a long queue of customers. I only been to Macau once and never had the chance to taste it last time.
The interior of the shop, looks like some ordinary fast food chain restaurant. Rm11.90 for a pok chop bun. One set of pork chop bun with beverage is Rm13.90, can choose milk tea, coffee or soft drink. The queue was not that long, but waited for quite some time as the customer in front bought around 10 buns. @@

This is how the bun looks like, the pork chop is much larger than the bun! The pork chop is tasty, flavorful and juicy, it will go nice with rice too. The bun is toasted with generous amount of butter and very crispy, but  yes I know it is fattening.= =
The bun does not contain any vegetable, salad or mayonnaise, different from ordinary western burger. Well it is not a balance diet, but once in a while is ok. ^^