Saturday, August 24, 2013

Free Flow of Coffee @ Coffee Societe, Publika

After celebrated Ivy's birthday, we went to Coffee Societe @ Publika to have coffee and dessert. Here is very popular recently for its free flow of coffee at a mere RM 10, including both hot and cold coffee beverages. The free flow concept only applicable every Friday and Saturday from 6pm-12am. However, the last call is at 11pm. Coffee lovers should not miss this offer as I am not sure how long will this promotion be. 

The cafe is full of customers especially youngsters. Although the place is crowded, the waiters are quite fast and we did not wait too long to place our orders.

All kinds of coffee, cappuccino,mocha, latte..... need to add RM 1 for mocha, latte, hazelnut coffee if I am not mistaken. 

Really enjoy looking at these "artworks". So cute and adorable...
The lemonade is great too, but of course no free flow available. RM 11.90
The red velvet cake, not bad and quite moist.Rm12


Min said...

I been there once too, really got free flow and luckily I didn't get coffee overload, haha, a great place to hang out, will go again next time!

bacterium said...

I was there too, for job interview. But I didn't get the job. :(

Publika is a nice place to hang out.

Mindy said...

Agree with u bacterium, it is a great place. It's ok good luck for ur coming interview ya.

Mindy said...

Min, this place really suit u, coffee lover haha