Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lunch @ The Bread Shop, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

Last Friday, my colleagues and I went to a bakery shop in Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara Kuala Lumpur for lunch. Friday is the day which we can enjoy longer break, thus last week we decided to explore new place. Anyway this shop which named The Bread Shop (yes, that simple) located not far away from my office, just ten minute drive. 

There are many types of buns and pastries displayed at the counter, you have to tell the cashier what you want upon paying. This is a bit inconvenient as I have to memorize the names of buns. The long queue of people behind me make it difficult for me to double check the names once forgotten. So just order for yourself and do not order for others, especially when there is a whole group of friends, lol.
By the way, this shop is small with limited seats, be sure to come at odd hours if you come in a large group. Or else, be ready to sit separately, in smaller group of two or four, just like what we did.

So many, have you make up your mind?


We started off with banana scotch and raisin scones, heard that these two are among some of the must-try buns. Believe me, they taste superb! The banana scotch looks sweet from its appearance, I nearly wanted to give up before ordering. Luckily my friend wanna give it a try and yes, it is very delicious! The pastry is perfectly done  and not too sweet. In fact, there is only slight natural sweetness from banana inside the pastry and caramel topping. Remember to eat while it is warm, the crispy pastry and warm banana is the best combination.(Rm6.80 per piece, quite a large piece and can be shared among two  to three).

The raisin scones are quite tiny, but the taste is equally good! They are not too sweet as well, so you won't feel guilty to spread more strawberry jam on it, yummy! (Rm4.80 for 2 pieces, extra charge for the jam and cream).

The Bread Shop serves hot food as well, and I ordered this smoke chicken pizza as main course. The base is very crispy, the real thin crust pizza, just like biting a biscuit. The taste is good, but I find that the amount of smoke chicken is too little, just a few tiny slices. Don't think it is enough for a young man even he swallow the whole thing. They should be more generous on pizza toppings! (Rm 15.90)

This is a must try dish, and I believe it is their signature dish as I saw many people having this as lunch. Mango smoke chicken croissant, the most delicious and unique croissant I have ever tried. This is ordered by my friend, and I can't recall the  exact price. It is around Rm15.90-16.90. The combination of smoke chicken slice/ham, mango, cheese and croissant is awesome, all of us who tried this just love it so much. The mango and sauce on top are a bit sour but blend so well with the slightly salty cheese and chicken ham. 

Some of my colleagues tried sandwiches too but the taste is too ordinary. The coffee there is good, one of the highly recommended place for coffee. 
I do not drink coffee, so there will be no comment from me for the taste of coffee there. My friends who tried latte and macchiato enjoyed their cup of coffee very much.

After finished our lunch, some of us take away buns and pastries. One of my colleagues claimed himself to be kiasu enough to take away Rm60 value of buns!!@@ When you take away scones, the cashier will ask you whether you need extra strawberry jam. Do not say yes unless you are willing to pay Rm6 for a tiny container of jam, just enough for 4 scones when you are buying 6 scones. I have bought it as I thought they won't give any if you do not pay extra. In fact they will give a few super tiny container of jam if you take away, it comes as scones set but the cashier did not tell me... = =

Anyway, this is a must try eatery place, try to come at odd hours to avoid huge crowd of people.

Ps: some photos taken by my friends bee ai and ee wan.

The Bread Shop 
11, Jalan Setiakasih 5
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-20938734
Opening hours: Monday to Friday (8am-7.30pm) and Saturday (8am-5pm). Closed on Sunday.

Monday, December 2, 2013

真正的大阪烧- The Real Okonomiyaki @ 鹤桥风月

在大阪游玩时,我们在一家名叫「鹤桥风月」的大阪烧连锁店吃到了道地的大阪烧-Okonomiyaki. 之前在大马及泰国也吃过这道食物,号称日式薄饼(Japanese Pizza) 的大阪烧, 一直是我喜爱的食物之一。在大马,要找到真正好吃的大阪烧并不容易,就算有名的sushi zanmai里的Okonomiyaki 也不怎么好吃,感觉像在吃一团面粉糕那样。因此当我们来到大阪时,大阪烧就被列为不可错过的美食之一。


Saturday, November 30, 2013


这趟旅程没另我们失望,因为所到之处都是景色优美的秋叶, 有深红色的枫叶,金黄色的杏叶,再参杂些浅褐色或绿色的叶子,真是目不暇给。




Saturday, August 24, 2013

Free Flow of Coffee @ Coffee Societe, Publika

After celebrated Ivy's birthday, we went to Coffee Societe @ Publika to have coffee and dessert. Here is very popular recently for its free flow of coffee at a mere RM 10, including both hot and cold coffee beverages. The free flow concept only applicable every Friday and Saturday from 6pm-12am. However, the last call is at 11pm. Coffee lovers should not miss this offer as I am not sure how long will this promotion be. 

The cafe is full of customers especially youngsters. Although the place is crowded, the waiters are quite fast and we did not wait too long to place our orders.

All kinds of coffee, cappuccino,mocha, latte..... need to add RM 1 for mocha, latte, hazelnut coffee if I am not mistaken. 

Really enjoy looking at these "artworks". So cute and adorable...
The lemonade is great too, but of course no free flow available. RM 11.90
The red velvet cake, not bad and quite moist.Rm12

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nasi Ayam Penyet @ Brisik Restaurant, Jaya One

Today I had lunch with my ex small boss and a few colleagues, it has been quite some time since we last had lunch together. Previously we worked in the same clinic in Seri Kembangan, and eventually all of us transferred to bureau/admin within a year, lol.

I have chosen Brisik Restaurant because we wanna try something different from Japanese food and Tappers in Jaya One. Besides, this restaurant is halal and I see a few Malays dine in there. We were in a rush today as there is only an hour break, thus we just ordered the lunch menu despite hearing a lot of recommendations from the boss. 

Each of us ordered this-Nasi Ayam Penyet for RM12.00 with a glass of water. Add on Rm1.00 to get a glass of ice lemon tea. 

This dish looks simple, but the taste is great. It does not taste like the very typical traditional Ayam Penyet. The chicken is not spicy but goes well with the chilli sauce provided. I especially like those small flakes of crispy stuffs. ^_^

The environment of this restaurant is good with nice decoration and not crowded. Would definitely go back again on one Friday lunch break. 

Friday, August 16, 2013


自从在马来亚大学一带上班,我们常会到十七区吃午餐。虽然十七区一带交通繁忙,泊车也不方便,但却是个美食卧虎藏龙的地方。其中一家专卖全蛋叉烧云吞面的店铺更是我们常去用膳的地方。虽然去过很多次,但我一直没留意它的店名。它座落在happy mansion旁边,也就是大学生可吃到rm3.30经济饭的那两排店那儿。 店铺就在中间,附近有家dobby和speed99. 


每次吃干捞云吞面我一定要加青辣椒,要不然会觉得缺少些什么似的。一碗小的云吞面(rm4.50) 是很完美的一餐,营养均衡,还有汤水。这家全蛋面非常爽口,没有我最怕的碱水味, 值得推荐! 蜜汁叉烧更是我的最爱, 不肥腻但也不会干, 刚刚好。如果你有注意到,这云吞面也加了些猪油渣,虽然不是很健康,但真的特别香。每次想到这个面,我的肚子就直打鼓。 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Tai Lei Loi Kei Pork Chop Bun@ Kota Damansara

Today my sis and I went to Tai Lei Loi Kei (大利来记澳门猪扒包) Pork Chop Bun restaurant at Kota Damansara to take away some buns. This famous pork chop bun originated from Macau and heard that it always  attract a long queue of customers. I only been to Macau once and never had the chance to taste it last time.
The interior of the shop, looks like some ordinary fast food chain restaurant. Rm11.90 for a pok chop bun. One set of pork chop bun with beverage is Rm13.90, can choose milk tea, coffee or soft drink. The queue was not that long, but waited for quite some time as the customer in front bought around 10 buns. @@

This is how the bun looks like, the pork chop is much larger than the bun! The pork chop is tasty, flavorful and juicy, it will go nice with rice too. The bun is toasted with generous amount of butter and very crispy, but  yes I know it is fattening.= =
The bun does not contain any vegetable, salad or mayonnaise, different from ordinary western burger. Well it is not a balance diet, but once in a while is ok. ^^

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sitting Posture and Backjoy Relief

I've been experiencing on and off shoulder ache and neck pain since I transferred to my current work place. I used to work in hospital and clinic where I have to stand or walk around most of the time. Although life was hectic, busy and always work in a rush, I have never experience this kind of pain. Since my job becomes desk bound, muscle pain and body ache become a norm. Initially I thought is due to excessive exercise because the symptoms started when I joined gym at true fitness using the one month unlimited pass. However, the symptoms persisted and in fact worsening even though I stopped going to gym.

It was then that I started to feel something not right. I went to my previous work place to do blood check and get consultation from the FMS. Things turn out to be normal, thus dr suspect me having fibromyalgia. I then went for a few sessions of chiropractice and physiotherapy. Symptoms disappeared and I felt more relieved each time after those treatments. However, the symptoms come back after few days, especially after few days of work. According to the physiotherapist, the root cause  is wrong sitting posture and sit for too long. It was then I remembered the office chair I sat on during the first two months of work was not in good condition. I didn't bother much and just used it while waiting for the new chair. Wrong sitting posture + spoilt chair + long sitting hours = chronic persistent body ache. 

I have stopped all those treatments since April, as being told by the physiotherapist the treatment is just to relieve the pain. I still have to correct the root cause which is my sitting posture. Stretching exercise and get myself up from sitting position at least once in 30 minute are important too. After getting advice from my friend who works in retail pharmacy, I decided to buy Backjoy Relief. According to the description from its website, "The revolutionary and scientific design of BackJoy's Orthotic Cradling System™ allows BackJoy Relief to 'float' the user's spinal system over any sitting surface, hard or soft, for all-day comfort and injury prevention." 

This is the third day of me using this product, so far I do not experience shoulder pain and neck ache. I will have to use longer to judge whether it is really that effective...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gelatomio Italian Ice-cream

Have you heard of Gelatomio Italian Ice-cream? When I visited Erik at Vitacare, he gave me few cups of Gelatomio ice-cream to try. His place is selling this ice-cream now, flavors such as chocolate, mint chocolate, strawberry yogurt, black sesame,vanilla and green tea are available. After doing some search online, it seems that it is made by an Italian guy who came to Malaysia more than ten years ago. He was unable to find ice-cream which satisfy his taste bud, thus he decided to make his own Italian ice-cream. Based on some reviews, black sesame and vanilla are the most popular flavors. However, I did not opt for these two flavors when Erik asked me to choose, em I thought vanilla is nothing special and I never like black sesame. Angeline, the black sesame lover, was unhappy with it, lol.

The ice-cream is very smooth and rich in flavor. The mint chocolate ice-cream is cooling and does not use much green coloring like the other brands do. Those who like chocolate should go for the chocolate ice-cream. The dark chocolate is so rich and smooth, one cup is definitely not enough and you will ask for more.

The strawberry yogurt ice-cream-I like this the most. Anyway, I have yet to try the green tea flavor.

The design is so adorable. If you google translate it, gelato mio means "my ice-cream" in Italian.
The saliva drooling yogurt ice-cream. It's not too sweet and just nice. Yummy~

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dessert Time @ Just Heavenly, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Yesterday I went to Bangsar shopping complex (BSC) to find my friend Erik and Yian. After having a great lunch at Monte's, Yian and I proceeded to enjoy dessert and chit-chat at Just Heavenly Cafe. Poor Erik has to continue his work at Vitacare pharmacy, this is the life of retail pharmacist, work during weekend and holiday.

We tried two types of cake, the choc and cheese cake and chocolate durian cake. The chocolate durian cake is highly recommended by my colleagues and they claim is a must try. 

The chocolate durian cake. Rm 11.90. It is really irresistibly good, especially if you love durian and chocolate. According to the Just Heavenly website description, it is Light as air chocolate genoise sandwiches a fresh D2, D24 and Kunyit blend for durian and chocolate lovers. 

Take a look at the interior, full of durian flesh, yum yum. Enjoy it while it is freshly taken out from the refrigerator, the texture is like eating durian ice cream coated with chocolate.

This is another cake that we had, the choc and cheese cake. Rm 12.90. A dark, moist chocolate cake topped with creamy cream cheese topping. This is a bit ordinary and nothing special to me, but can give it a try if you like moist choc cake.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dinner @ Komugi Cafe, Paradigm Mall

Few days ago, I went to Paradigm Mall with my sis, Yin, for hair treatment. Before the appointment, we had our early dinner at Komugi Cafe, Paradigm Mall. Komugi bakery shops are available at few places in Klang Valley, but the cafe outlets only available at Pavillion, KL and Paradigm Mall. I first time come across half-baked cheese cake when I walked pass Komugi bakery in Mid Valley Mega Mall few months back. It was then that I realized bakery shop like Lavender also selling this kind of cheese cake. Whenever something become a trend, you can see it everywhere and every moment. When the heat over or slows down, it will be missing from your surroundings. This reminds me of bubble milk tea, lol.

Anyway, there is quite a variety of hot food from the menu, from soup bun, spaghetti, pie to croissants, pizza etc. Heard that the tofu cheese cake is nice but we have not tried it. 

This cafe does not serve plain water , ice water, sky juice or ordinary mineral water. The only option you have if you want to drink something plain---> Pure oxygenated water. RM 3.50.

Yin ordered a cup of hot chocolate, the taste is great and rich in chocolate. 

As an all-time salmon lover, I tried the smoked salmon sandwich. The taste is not bad, but the smoked salmon will taste even better if they can make it slightly less salty. The serving is quite generous as you can find few slices of "fat" salmon. The salmon goes really well with the baby lettuce, cucumber, tomato and buttery toast. Can give it a try if you love salmon. RM 22.90. 

Mushroom cream, a soup bun highly recommended by my friend. The mushroom soup is creamy and delicious, but might not be enough as a main course. The "bowl" is actually french baked toast, dip the toast into the soup and the taste is fantastic. RM 9.90. 

If you dine in during lunch hour, there is set lunch available. I've yet to try this.

All the prices above subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax.