Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sitting Posture and Backjoy Relief

I've been experiencing on and off shoulder ache and neck pain since I transferred to my current work place. I used to work in hospital and clinic where I have to stand or walk around most of the time. Although life was hectic, busy and always work in a rush, I have never experience this kind of pain. Since my job becomes desk bound, muscle pain and body ache become a norm. Initially I thought is due to excessive exercise because the symptoms started when I joined gym at true fitness using the one month unlimited pass. However, the symptoms persisted and in fact worsening even though I stopped going to gym.

It was then that I started to feel something not right. I went to my previous work place to do blood check and get consultation from the FMS. Things turn out to be normal, thus dr suspect me having fibromyalgia. I then went for a few sessions of chiropractice and physiotherapy. Symptoms disappeared and I felt more relieved each time after those treatments. However, the symptoms come back after few days, especially after few days of work. According to the physiotherapist, the root cause  is wrong sitting posture and sit for too long. It was then I remembered the office chair I sat on during the first two months of work was not in good condition. I didn't bother much and just used it while waiting for the new chair. Wrong sitting posture + spoilt chair + long sitting hours = chronic persistent body ache. 

I have stopped all those treatments since April, as being told by the physiotherapist the treatment is just to relieve the pain. I still have to correct the root cause which is my sitting posture. Stretching exercise and get myself up from sitting position at least once in 30 minute are important too. After getting advice from my friend who works in retail pharmacy, I decided to buy Backjoy Relief. According to the description from its website, "The revolutionary and scientific design of BackJoy's Orthotic Cradling System™ allows BackJoy Relief to 'float' the user's spinal system over any sitting surface, hard or soft, for all-day comfort and injury prevention." 

This is the third day of me using this product, so far I do not experience shoulder pain and neck ache. I will have to use longer to judge whether it is really that effective...

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