Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gelatomio Italian Ice-cream

Have you heard of Gelatomio Italian Ice-cream? When I visited Erik at Vitacare, he gave me few cups of Gelatomio ice-cream to try. His place is selling this ice-cream now, flavors such as chocolate, mint chocolate, strawberry yogurt, black sesame,vanilla and green tea are available. After doing some search online, it seems that it is made by an Italian guy who came to Malaysia more than ten years ago. He was unable to find ice-cream which satisfy his taste bud, thus he decided to make his own Italian ice-cream. Based on some reviews, black sesame and vanilla are the most popular flavors. However, I did not opt for these two flavors when Erik asked me to choose, em I thought vanilla is nothing special and I never like black sesame. Angeline, the black sesame lover, was unhappy with it, lol.

The ice-cream is very smooth and rich in flavor. The mint chocolate ice-cream is cooling and does not use much green coloring like the other brands do. Those who like chocolate should go for the chocolate ice-cream. The dark chocolate is so rich and smooth, one cup is definitely not enough and you will ask for more.

The strawberry yogurt ice-cream-I like this the most. Anyway, I have yet to try the green tea flavor.

The design is so adorable. If you google translate it, gelato mio means "my ice-cream" in Italian.
The saliva drooling yogurt ice-cream. It's not too sweet and just nice. Yummy~

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