Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dinner @ Komugi Cafe, Paradigm Mall

Few days ago, I went to Paradigm Mall with my sis, Yin, for hair treatment. Before the appointment, we had our early dinner at Komugi Cafe, Paradigm Mall. Komugi bakery shops are available at few places in Klang Valley, but the cafe outlets only available at Pavillion, KL and Paradigm Mall. I first time come across half-baked cheese cake when I walked pass Komugi bakery in Mid Valley Mega Mall few months back. It was then that I realized bakery shop like Lavender also selling this kind of cheese cake. Whenever something become a trend, you can see it everywhere and every moment. When the heat over or slows down, it will be missing from your surroundings. This reminds me of bubble milk tea, lol.

Anyway, there is quite a variety of hot food from the menu, from soup bun, spaghetti, pie to croissants, pizza etc. Heard that the tofu cheese cake is nice but we have not tried it. 

This cafe does not serve plain water , ice water, sky juice or ordinary mineral water. The only option you have if you want to drink something plain---> Pure oxygenated water. RM 3.50.

Yin ordered a cup of hot chocolate, the taste is great and rich in chocolate. 

As an all-time salmon lover, I tried the smoked salmon sandwich. The taste is not bad, but the smoked salmon will taste even better if they can make it slightly less salty. The serving is quite generous as you can find few slices of "fat" salmon. The salmon goes really well with the baby lettuce, cucumber, tomato and buttery toast. Can give it a try if you love salmon. RM 22.90. 

Mushroom cream, a soup bun highly recommended by my friend. The mushroom soup is creamy and delicious, but might not be enough as a main course. The "bowl" is actually french baked toast, dip the toast into the soup and the taste is fantastic. RM 9.90. 

If you dine in during lunch hour, there is set lunch available. I've yet to try this.

All the prices above subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax.


Min said...

I will love the mushroom soup, looks creamy together with the bread. Worth trying I think!

Mindy said...

Yup the mushroom soup bun not bad, but the bun are those french baked toast type, not those crispy and soft type.However i think it goes well with the soup.