Sunday, October 31, 2010

SnowflakeTaiwanese Dessert 雪花栈

Snowflake Taiwanese Dessert 雪花栈 has its first outlet at Subang Jaya, Selangor. Recently there's another outlet near to my house, located at Kota Damansara. Last week after having dinner with Li Li and the gang, we walked to Snowflake from Sunway Giza, it took us about 5 minutes to walk there. Initially we decided to have dessert there, but we were scared away by the huge crowd of people, lol. There were no places for us to sit down and enjoy the dessert, and many people queuing up just to take away..

The next night I went back to the same restaurant with my sis and mum to eat the dessert, I purposely chose to go during dinner time to avoid the long queue. And it's true, not many customers were around so we could ask the cashier to recommend the specialty and bestseller. My sis and I chose the Grass jelly based snowflake and soya based snowflake.

This beeping UFO is for you to collect your order. When the red light is turned on, you can go to the back counter to collect the dessert.

Highly recommnended by Li Li, the soya based snowflake is much nicer than the grass jelly's. There is a great variety of toppings for you to choose from, and I quite like the above combinations. These are the kidney beans, black glutinous rice, grass jelly and Taiwanese 'pearl'. RM5.50

The bestseller grass jelly based snowflake. RM6.00. The sweet potato and yam balls same as those I tried in Jiu Fen, Taiwan, but my mum don't like these. She prefers the real, unprocessed yam and sweet potato, haha.

And I didn't add the milk into my dessert, I just simply cannot accept this, lol.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bangkok Trip- T & K Seafood

On the second night, we took a cab from Baiyoke Boutique Hotel to Chinatown. The driver charged us 145 Baht, which is quite expensive because the journey only around 20 minutes. We could find T & K Seafood restaurant easily, maybe because it is famous.

All the workers in green attire. The restaurant is a corner shop and full of customers, very obvious from far. We choose to sit upstairs with air-conditioned, but many people prefer to have their meals outside the restaurant, at the roadside, maybe is just for the ambiance.

Fried omelet with oyster. The oyster is 'fat' and juicy.

Glass noodles and prawns. The taste of the glass noodles is superb! I even prefer it than the prawn, lol.

I don't really fancy the sauce, just an ordinary sauce to me.

Stirred fried vegetable

Fried rice with eggs, not bad, but I already diverted my attention to the glass noodle.

A must eat dish in Bangkok- Tom Yam. This is the type I like, not too sour but instead a bit sweetened, really goes well with the rice. We ordered Tom Yam seafood, and we were given a sumptuous amount of seafood, yum yum...

The whole meal was cheap, but I forgot exactly how much it was, around 800 Baht. I realized that at most of the Thai restaurants, the waiter will take back the receipt after we paid the bill, and I do not understand why they practise so.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bangkok Trip- Coconut Ice Cream & Coconut Sorbet

Anyone tried coconut ice-cream before? Before my Bangkok trip, my uncle recommended a restaurant named Greyhound in Bangkok which is famous for its mini chicken wing & coconut ice cream. Although I like coconut drink and coconut flesh, but I only like the FRESH coconut and not ice cream made from santan (coconut milk). I still remember the Baskin-Robbins coconut ice cream which irritated me, yeah, the taste is so rich in santan and sweet that I only ate 20% of it., what a waste!

Anyway, I still hunt for coconut ice cream when I was in Bangkok, hoping that it'll satisfy my taste buds. When we were shopping at Chatuchak market, I saw a stall crowded with people, each of them holding a coconut shell on their hands. It's actually the famous stall which sells coconut ice cream at Chatuchak, some claimed that it's the first original stall which sells coconut ice cream, don't know how true it is. However, due to the heavy rain and cold wind, we decided not to try it, a bit regret now...

On the 3rd day of our trip, I saw coconut ice cream again at Amphawa Floating Market, this time we didn't miss the chance to try it.

A man scooping ice cream and placed them into a coconut shell with fresh coconut flesh. 3 scoops, how generous he is.

Placing the ice cream nicely

After adding the topping- crispy peanuts, handed it to the waiting customer

And this is my coconut ice cream, or I shall say coconut sorbet. Only 20 baht for one, around RM2, cheap and good! The coconut sorbet is so delicious and cooling, it's made from coconut JUICE and not santan, so happy!!! Eat it with the coconut flesh and peanuts, heavenly good!

Posing with the coconut sorbet, I was the photographer, lol.

The next day when we back to Bangkok city, we had lunch at Greyhound, Siam Paragon. It's a Italian style restaurant but you can find thai food over there too. It's the most pricey meal we had for this trip, each of us spent around RM30-RM35, a bit like TGI Friday's standard.

Funny quote, haha. Greyhound day= Dog day

Coconut sorbet, also very delicious. But the coconut flesh already blended with the ice cream, not big slices like the one we had at Amphawa. Around 65 baht for one. I would say this one has a slightly better taste and texture, but overall I still prefer the previous one, maybe coconut shell is the extra points. My aunt told me there's a good coconut ice cream at Siam Paragon food court, the topping is nangka (jackfruit), wow. But she only told me when I back to KL... sigh

And of course we ate the crispy mini chicken wing...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bangkok Trip- Dinner at Fuji Restaurant, MBK

Just back from Bangkok yesterday, really have had a great time there. I'll say Bangkok is a shopping paradise for girls, haha. We could spend few hours in Naraya store, and I still regret for not buying more bags! Hopefully I can re-visit Bangkok as soon as possible, and definitely not in October for the next round, really don't plan to be caught in the rain.

Besides shopping, we did try some famous delicious food recommended by my friend and relative, and here goes my diet plan again, haha. On the first night, we had dinner at Fuji Restaurant, MBK shopping centre. We had to wait for around 15 minutes before seated.

It was dinner time, the place was quite crowded but the service was not bad.

Fake food being displayed. Look at the Fuji Bento Set, so nice! And the price is cheap, can't get such a sumptuous portion with this $ in KL.

Ice green tea, my must-order drink at Japanese restaurant. Fuji brand green tea, not bad.

Hot green tea

Okonomiyaki, yum yum!!! Highly recommended by Sze Min, and I just can't stop loving it! Owww, I really miss the great taste, wanna hunt for it in Sushi Zanmai this weekend. Hope that it'll be equally good.

Takoyaki- Octopus balls. Taste good too! Only 80baht for this, unbelievable!

Pork Katsudon- my sis finds this quite tasty, but she still prefers the one she tried at Tampopo Restaurant, Takashimaya, Singapore.

My Chicken Teriyaki set, delicious!

Love the Miso soup which comes with the set, lots of mushrooms, tofu and seaweed in it.

Forgot it's name... but the bowl quite funny right? Erm...

Pork Teriyaki

This meal cost us around 800 ++ baht only, I really hope it will have some branches in KL with equally good deal, lol!