Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bangkok Trip- Dinner at Fuji Restaurant, MBK

Just back from Bangkok yesterday, really have had a great time there. I'll say Bangkok is a shopping paradise for girls, haha. We could spend few hours in Naraya store, and I still regret for not buying more bags! Hopefully I can re-visit Bangkok as soon as possible, and definitely not in October for the next round, really don't plan to be caught in the rain.

Besides shopping, we did try some famous delicious food recommended by my friend and relative, and here goes my diet plan again, haha. On the first night, we had dinner at Fuji Restaurant, MBK shopping centre. We had to wait for around 15 minutes before seated.

It was dinner time, the place was quite crowded but the service was not bad.

Fake food being displayed. Look at the Fuji Bento Set, so nice! And the price is cheap, can't get such a sumptuous portion with this $ in KL.

Ice green tea, my must-order drink at Japanese restaurant. Fuji brand green tea, not bad.

Hot green tea

Okonomiyaki, yum yum!!! Highly recommended by Sze Min, and I just can't stop loving it! Owww, I really miss the great taste, wanna hunt for it in Sushi Zanmai this weekend. Hope that it'll be equally good.

Takoyaki- Octopus balls. Taste good too! Only 80baht for this, unbelievable!

Pork Katsudon- my sis finds this quite tasty, but she still prefers the one she tried at Tampopo Restaurant, Takashimaya, Singapore.

My Chicken Teriyaki set, delicious!

Love the Miso soup which comes with the set, lots of mushrooms, tofu and seaweed in it.

Forgot it's name... but the bowl quite funny right? Erm...

Pork Teriyaki

This meal cost us around 800 ++ baht only, I really hope it will have some branches in KL with equally good deal, lol!


Min said...

I love that Okonomiyaki, so delicious. I tried it in Sushi Zanmai also, but it's quite different and without the egg on it, but you can try, not bad also.

Mindy said...

really? nvm la i will eat at sushi zanmai first until i get to go to bangkok again, hehe

Angeline Cher said...

I already miss Bangkok now, wanna go back ASAP!!!

bacterium said...

That is one big bowl of miso soup. Yum yum. I haven't been to Bangkok for like.. 20 years now..
800 baht is really good deal, if only we can find it in M'sia.

Mindy said...

Bangkok is a good place for shopping and food, miss it! Yeah, in M'sia, even Sushi King or Jusco Jap food also much more expensive ><