Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dinner @ Rosemary Bites Restaurant, Aman Suria

Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce. Pick 2 side dishes from 4 options, I chose french fries and apple coleslaw. I find the portion just nice for me, maybe is slightly small for male. The chicken is juicy and taste nice with the mushroom sauce. Added point given to the apple coleslaw, I like the slices of apple, very refreshing. RM13.90

We did order soup of the day (RM5.90) to go with this basket of garlic bread (RM5.80).
Yum yum~~

Salmon Fish, my dad's favourite. Very tasty and fresh, even my mum who dislike fish also enjoyed eating this. RM22.00

Fresh Apple crumble - Dessert of the day. Vanilla ice-cream with apple crumble, not bad.
RM 5.90

All prices above subject to 10% service charge. I spent around RM117.50 for 5 persons (5 main course+ beverage + 1 dessert + 1 soup + 1 basket of garlic bread), a treat from me for getting the raya bonus from the government, haha. Check the link below to find out more about this American Cuisine Restaurant. Really worth a try!



bacterium said...

Western food! For 5 person the price is quite acceptable. Haven't really tried apple coleslaw before. Anyway, you need to eat more.

Mindy said...

why i need to eat more? haha