Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Random Blog Entry

This weekend I'm free, free to do whatever I wish. Yesterday I went to The Curve- Cineleisure with my younger sister, think I didn't go out with her for quite some time already.
We went for a movie called Fool's Gold, the storyline is ok but a bit draggy, it would be better if the director could make it more interesting. We also tried the RM1 per song karaoke, the service over the counter was SUCKS, the cashier lady with long curly hair + big earrings was rude and she irritated me. If I get to know her name, she'll be in trouble, same goes for the security guard at Cineleisure. Anyway, my mood is good after looking at my April pay slip, so I guess they could escape, lol.

We had dinner at Sakae Sushi. Sushi is my all time favourite food, anyone who dislikes sushi is abnormal, and this including my eldest sister. :)

The potato salad tastes good, it is served with some crispy salty stuffs,

Saturday, April 19, 2008

記得食-K.T.Z. Food

Tonight was a rainy night, with loud thunder and horrifying lightning. However, the bad weather did not stop me from having supper/dinner at KTZ food a.k.a Kei Tak Sek(Remember to Eat!) at SS2,PJ.

Long time never been there, at least 6 months! Really missed the famous Mango Loh (芒果西米撈). Although I’ve tried many types of Mango Loh at various stalls/restaurants, I still think KTZ serves the best Mango Loh.

The menu looks simple, but don't judge a book by its cover.

Porridge topped with crispy Yao Char Guai (油條). Unhealthy food? Haha. Actually it’s delicious, but it would be better if lesser MSG was added.

上海炸醬面- a kind of Shanghai style noodle. This is not the traditional type but still taste good, especially the spicy sauce.

The tempting Shanghai Guo Tie (上海鍋貼). Crispy skin filled with juicy seasoned meat.

The focus of the night, Mango Loh!!! It can really satisfy your taste bud, especially if you are a Mango lover. RM5.50 per bowl, is it considered expensive? Yeah, because it consists of ice, some mango and sago only, but I just can’t resist it. Lol~~

In case you don't know where KTZ is, it is situated opposite to the Food Court of SS2, and it's a corner shop. Just give it a try and I can guarantee you'll love it.

Friday, April 18, 2008



作詞:吳克群 作曲:吳克群

愛情 是一種怪事 我開始全身不受控制
愛情 是一種本事 我開始連自己都不是
為你 我做了太多的傻事
第一件就是 為你寫詩

為你寫詩 為你靜止 為你做不可能的事
為你 我學會彈琴寫詞 為你失去理智
為你寫詩 為你靜止 為你做不可能的事
為你 彈奏所有情歌的句子 我忘了說 最美的是你的名字

愛情 是一種怪事 你的笑容是唯一宗旨
愛情 是一種本事 我在你心裡什麼位子
為你 我做了太多的傻事
第一件就是 為你寫詩

為你寫詩 為你靜止 為你做不可能的事
為你 我學會彈琴寫詞 為你失去理智
為你寫詩 為你靜止 為你做不可能的事
為你 彈奏所有情歌的句子 我忘了說 最美的是你的名字

為你寫詩 為你靜止 為你做不可能的事
為你 我學會彈琴寫詞 為你失去理智
為你寫詩 為你靜止 為你做不可能的事
為你 彈奏所有情歌的句子 我忘了說 最美的是你的名字

我什麼都能忘記 但唯一不忘是你的名字
我什麼都能忘記 但唯一不忘是你的樣子
我什麼都能忘記 但唯一不忘是你的名字
我什麼都能忘記 但唯一不忘是你的樣子

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello Kuala Terengganu!!!

Hi hi, just back from a 4-day course on MTAC Diabetes in Kuala Terengganu (KT)!!! The 'trip' was very enjoyable and relaxing, and I had the opportunity to update myself in many aspects~~ I went to KT by MAS, together with Wei Teng & Siew Fong. Coincidentally, our seats were next to each other. @@

Terengganu, I'm COMING!!! (The route was cloudy that day, I felt very dizzy><)

This is where we stayed - Terengganu Equestrian Resort (TER). It has a huge compound with many horses, one of my favourite animals .^^ Our rooms situated at Paddock Inn while the dinning room & seminar room located at the Club House, around 5-10 min walking distance.

We went to a beach nearby, the water is so clean & clear that I thought it's a lake, lol. Some naked children running around on the beach, yeah, they wore nothing. @@ It's a good spot for family gathering, and the taxi driver told me the place is very near to Pulau Kapas, another tourist spot in KT.

We met 2 KT pharmacists during the course and they brought us around KT town. The night view of KT is cool, with many colourful lights lightening up the whole city. And I saw the real batu bersurat, something which I used to see in history book. Amazing... Batik sold in KT is unbelievably cheap but nice, much better than those sold in Pahang.

The food prepared by TER was great, I think the chef is a chinese because chinese style cuisine was served. In each meal we got to taste a variety of desserts and this has added extra pounds on me now. =_=

Airport in KT

And bye bye to KT, flying back to my sweet home ^^

Friday, April 11, 2008


如果時間停止轉動, 您是否能阻止它的流逝?
這個世上是沒有永不變質的東西 什么事物都會有個期限
我不清楚 也不想去考究
無論如何 我一直都感到很慶幸
對 這是我所堅信的

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sotong Goreng Tepung (Fried Squid)

The best fried squid I've ever tried. Crispy, juicy, yummy... Can anyone teach me how to cook this dish?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Going to Terengganu Soon~~

For the coming weekend, I'll be flying to Kuala Terengganu to attend a course on MTAC Diabetes. I've never been to Terengganu and thus quite looking forward to this 'trip'. Hopefully there'll be sufficient time for me to walk around KT, but I doubt so... after looking at the schedule. ~~

I'll stay here!