Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello Kuala Terengganu!!!

Hi hi, just back from a 4-day course on MTAC Diabetes in Kuala Terengganu (KT)!!! The 'trip' was very enjoyable and relaxing, and I had the opportunity to update myself in many aspects~~ I went to KT by MAS, together with Wei Teng & Siew Fong. Coincidentally, our seats were next to each other. @@

Terengganu, I'm COMING!!! (The route was cloudy that day, I felt very dizzy><)

This is where we stayed - Terengganu Equestrian Resort (TER). It has a huge compound with many horses, one of my favourite animals .^^ Our rooms situated at Paddock Inn while the dinning room & seminar room located at the Club House, around 5-10 min walking distance.

We went to a beach nearby, the water is so clean & clear that I thought it's a lake, lol. Some naked children running around on the beach, yeah, they wore nothing. @@ It's a good spot for family gathering, and the taxi driver told me the place is very near to Pulau Kapas, another tourist spot in KT.

We met 2 KT pharmacists during the course and they brought us around KT town. The night view of KT is cool, with many colourful lights lightening up the whole city. And I saw the real batu bersurat, something which I used to see in history book. Amazing... Batik sold in KT is unbelievably cheap but nice, much better than those sold in Pahang.

The food prepared by TER was great, I think the chef is a chinese because chinese style cuisine was served. In each meal we got to taste a variety of desserts and this has added extra pounds on me now. =_=

Airport in KT

And bye bye to KT, flying back to my sweet home ^^


Sze Min said...

Hey, seems like KT is a good place to travel also. Do put up photos with you inside la, I long time didn't 'update' ur look already. hehe.

Mindy said...

KT is a peaceful place, it's quite relaxing to travel around there. I dun look nice in photos, haha, next time la.