Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Random Blog Entry

This weekend I'm free, free to do whatever I wish. Yesterday I went to The Curve- Cineleisure with my younger sister, think I didn't go out with her for quite some time already.
We went for a movie called Fool's Gold, the storyline is ok but a bit draggy, it would be better if the director could make it more interesting. We also tried the RM1 per song karaoke, the service over the counter was SUCKS, the cashier lady with long curly hair + big earrings was rude and she irritated me. If I get to know her name, she'll be in trouble, same goes for the security guard at Cineleisure. Anyway, my mood is good after looking at my April pay slip, so I guess they could escape, lol.

We had dinner at Sakae Sushi. Sushi is my all time favourite food, anyone who dislikes sushi is abnormal, and this including my eldest sister. :)

The potato salad tastes good, it is served with some crispy salty stuffs,

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