Thursday, May 1, 2008

Family Day Plan @ Seri Pengantin Resort

In 2008, the Pharmacy Department of HoSHAS is finally going to organise Family day for its staffs. Being one of the committee members, I'm given the task to survey for suitable venue with some other colleagues.

Today we went to Seri Pengantin Resort, Janda Baik, Pahang to do 'research'. The place is quite peaceful and decorated with various species of plants/flowers. Initially we were quite pissed off with the Indon workers because of their counter services. After we explained and overcame the language barrier, they brought us around the resort and showed the facilities available.

The Lobby

Cempaka Sari Suite- RM550 per night according to the worker @@

Unique flowers that grow upside down

Sum-Sum Hilir River just outside the resort

Kids playing water in the river

The dining place- we plan to have barbeque dinner too!!!

Our first plan was to organise at Chamang Waterfall, Bentong. However, the plan was banned because previously there were many people drown at that place and considered a dangerous spot for children. ><

Chamang Waterfall- Heard that is very beautiful, I'll go there for a trip next time

We then met the manager to clear some doubts. The price for package is quite reasonable, RM125 per adult for 2 days-1 night stay, inclusive of many meals, games etc. Staffs from GHKL, Selayang Hosp., etc also had their gathering at SPR before, and the feedback was good.

Hopefully the Family Day 2008 will turn out to be a success. Can't wait for it!!!

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Sze Min said...

hey, the resort looks great, I miss the pharmacist team-work spirit in hospital. I'm alone in PKD, hehe, anyway, enjoy ur work there ya :)