Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mini Zoo, Temerloh, Pahang

Last wednesday was a Pahang public holiday, I went to a mini zoo with friends. The zoo is very very mini with some limited animals. It is not well maintained and quite dirty, I pity those animals.

Entrance fee- RM2 for Adult
(Not sure for Children- forgotten)

The eyes are huge and round- a bit eerie

White colour monkey, is it an albino species?

The tiger is still alive, but lack of enegry. Poor creature.

I thought this crocodile was fake until someone threw stone at him... @@

Here is a short video- A white monkey eating peanuts

(The malay tourists who fed him said his palm was cold, is it? lol)

The monkeys in this zoo very cute. One of them is hyperactive, jumping up & down to show off his skill when he saw us, i did take a short video of him too. Another weird one hung himself upside down to pass urine, so disgusting. This white albino monkey was very hungry I guess, haha.

I was disappointed coz didn't get to see my favourite animal elephant in the mini zoo. Next time I wanna visit the place with many elephants in Lanchang, Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. We can ride, feed and bath the elephants over there. :)

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Min said...

Hey, I dunno you like elephant wo, anyway, the animals are cute, I long time didn't visit zoo already.