Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tong Pak Fu @ Sunway Giza Mall

Last weekend I went to Tong Pak Fu, Sunway Giza Mall to have dessert with frenz. The desserts there are costly with small serving. However, the taste is quite good and worth to give it a try.
Tracka Durian Snowflake is it's signature dessert and highly recommended. RM11.80. The durian taste is strong, those durian lovers will surely fancy this. The taro balls are tasteless and too hard to be swallowed, it shouldn't be added to this dessert, a minus point.
Black Sesame Snowflake, the taste not bad as well, and not too sweet. RM7.80.
Steamed Rice Cup Cake. Quite tasty but the topping is salty to my liking. RM3.80
The service is quite prompt and fast, maybe due to the crowd of people.

All prices subjected to 5% service charge & 6% government tax.

Photos taken by iPhone 4S.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Groupon Redemption @ Carpenter's Daughter, Subang USJ

Few weeks ago, my sisters and I went to Carpenter's Daughter bakery shop/ restaurant to have lunch. My younger sis has bought the voucher for 2 person from Groupon few months back, but as usual, we waited until near expiry date only redeemed it, lol.

I reached the restaurant earlier than my sis. Due to unbearable hunger, I've ordered spicy aglio olio spaghetti and a glass of fresh passion fruit juice for myself. The spaghetti is very tasty with generous amount of mushrooms, and I enjoy drinking the fresh passion fruit juice too. Before they reached, I already finished more than half of the food, hehe.

 The inner design is good, simple but comfortable. The whole shop is surrounded by  the smell of freshly toasted bread, yum yum.. ^^

 This is the set of meal for 2, all kinds of breads for 2 person. Coffee and lemon tea not included.

The taste of food is great with good service, thumbs uppppp for them!!! 

* Photos taken by iPhone 4S.