Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Delicious Fish Head Noodle @ Section 17, Moon Kee

Moon Kee Fish Head Noodle is my all time favourite. The fish used very fresh and nice, and the soup is one of the nicest I have tried. The price has increased a lot since the shop is opened less than 2 years ago. Yesterday I opted for the fish ball and fish cake. The homemade fish cake was very delicious, I will definitely come back again for this.
The soup is always very flavorful, just can't resist it!
Yum yum. Rm8.50 plus 6% gst.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream from 320 Below, One Utama Shopping Centre

Recently, there is this new liquid nitrogen ice cream cafe from Singapore which opened its first branch in Malaysia. It is located in One Utama Shopping Centre, outside Isetan. 

Although this cafe has only opened for less than a month, there are quite a number of customers around. The cashier was still a bit slow in taking order.

As we have taken a heavy dinner, four of us ordered one waffle with 2 scoops of premium flavor ice cream to share. Our order of the ice cream waffle and a black coffee cost Rm32.40. When I recall the one scoop of liquid nitrogen ice cream we had in Labmade Hong Kong was around HK$ 46, the price in Malaysia is still considerably affordable.
We picked the best seller Thai Coconut ice cream and Tiramisu ice cream. 
The Thai Coconut ice cream was smooth,light, fragrant with bits of coconut flesh in it. It was good, especially if you like coconut. The Tiramisu ice cream was more of a surprise to me. The taste was so delicious that I thought I was eating a piece of cold Tiramisu. I just couldn't stop myself from having more. As for the waffle,it was too eggy for my liking.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Late Brunch @ Mr. & Ms. Cafe

Yesterday we had our late brunch at Mr. & Ms. Cafe Ara Damansara. This is the second time we have brunch in that cafe. I still remember the butterscotch pancakes and ham + mushroom scrambled egg we had last time were really good.

As usual, the cafe is always packed with people and mostly are youngsters. Luckily there were only 2 of us, we could get a place once we reached. I noticed there were two groups of people still waiting for seats.
Many youngsters love taking wefie, selfie with these probes.
I ordered orange passion fruit yogurt drink. Refreshing.
Some kind of big breakfast. The portion really big.
Hot latte with adorable coffee art.
Fried chicken with portobello mushroom , come with a slice of toast, some vege and two poached eggs.
The very delicious orange cheese cake, very creamy and the sweetness level is my liking. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Gelato from Every Sundae by Cielo Dolci

Lately I have been craving a lot for gelato, as I have mentioned in earlier blog post. Yes, I am supposed to go on diet after realizing the alarmingly increase in my body weight. I just can't resist the taste of gelato, and I do hope I have the chance to taste the real Italian gelato one day.

Although Every Sundae is famous for its soft gelato, I still prefer its normal gelato. Somehow I just don't like the texture of soft gelato, it does not have the sticky and compact feeling of gelato which I like. 
Yesterday I got into the same shop and picked Cielo Dolci coffee gelato as my afternoon tea treat, I mean a treat for myself. The coffee taste is just so heavenly good. It reminds me of the haagen daz coffee ice cream,but of course this is more milky but less creamy, so less guilty (?)  as well? Rm8.50 per scoop in cup.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Set Lunch at Nana's Green Tea @ One Utama

Since Nana's Green Tea opened its second branch in One Utama Shopping Centre, I have been planning to try the set lunch offered there. My friend highly recommends the Japanese curry there, but I had doubts in it initially. After I ate the fried namban chicken rice in Midvalley branch few months ago, I felt the food was not up to standard, though the green tea parfait and matcha latte was delicious.

Finally, we were there for lunch yesterday. Without giving a second thought, I have chosen chicken karaage with Japanese curry as my main course. The set comes with a bowl of soup and a free beverage. I ordered my favourite iced matcha latte.
The chicken karaage was very tasty, very crispy and crunchy, and yet the meat was soft and juicy.The color was more brownish than the usual chicken karaage I had in Japan, but the taste was quite comparable. The curry was nice too, and was a good combination with the rice. The rice used is like a mixture of brown rice, white rice and some barleys, quite healthy and unique.

My choice of beverage, iced matcha latte. The thickness and sweetness just nice for my liking, unlike the Starbucks coffee type which is too sweet.

My friends ordered hot matcha latte, some say was good but one of them found it to be too strong. The taste and preference are always very subjective and based on individual liking. The set comes to RM22 per person inclusive of GST, and we think it is quite reasonable for the environment and portion given.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Every Sundae Soft Gelato Bar by Cielo Dolci, Damansara Uptown

Lately I have been craving alot for ice cream or gelato. When I discovered Cielo Dolci has opened a new branch in Damansara Uptown, I was so excited. Yeah, Cielo Dolci has been my favourite gelato in Malaysia after my first try in Paradigm mall two years ago (the paradigm shop has closed down in 2015). 

The branch in uptown different from others as it serves soft gelato too, with the name of Every Sundae Soft Gelato Bar by Cielo Dolci. It located next to the famous Village Park nasi lemak. Because of its location, you can imagine how difficult it is to get a parking there. 
My choice of earl grey gelato with honeycomb as topping for Rm10.00. The earl grey taste was so fragrant and blend well with the gelato, and not sweet at all. The honeycomb is fresh and crunchy, but sweet for my liking.
You can see that the amount of topping given was generous. 
Enjoying my cup of gelato on a busy road.
This is the machine to make the soft gelato. 

The types of toppings for you to choose from.
Custom made your choice of soft gelato. The texture of soft gelato is in between gelato and soft serve ice cream. It is very smooth and light,quite special. Somehow I still prefer the sticky texture of normal gelato. The soft gelato flavours  and price are displayed in this picture, but the flavour might change. You can either opt for single flavour or a twist of two flavours. As for normal gelato (like the earl grey I had in first few photos), there is a small counter for it at one corner. The flavours can be different daily, and you can request for tasting before you make up your mind.

Salted caramel soft gelato on giant cookie as the base, and New York cheesecake as topping. The soft gelato really smooth and nice, and the cheesecake was great! The amount is really sumptuous. However, the giant cookie was a disappointment. The cookie was too hard and salty. It would be better if the texture is like digestive biscuit. 
Deep dark chocolate soft gelato,another flavour which you should not miss, especially if you like bittersweet gelato.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Late Lunch @ Madam Kwan, One Utama Shopping Centre

Madam Kwan is a chain restaurant in klang valley which serves local cuisine. The food, dessert and beverage there are on the pricey side. You can get equivalently good or better food elsewhere with a cheaper price. However, the ambience is good with cozy design,very suitable for dining with friends or working colleagues from overseas. 

Yesterday was the first time I visit the branch in One Utama. The restaurant is located at the quiet end of the shopping mall.
Chicken satay. The meat was tender and flavourful, and the sauce was tasty. 
Nasi bojari. I requested to change the beef rendang to curry chicken. This dish is delicious, I especially like the curry chicken and the rice. The fried chicken is a bit salty to my liking, but overall not bad. We requested for extra curry to go with the rice.
The 'ice kacang'. Not my favourite, I prefer the SS2 hawker stall than this. The ice too rough and there were too little sweet corn in it. Very disappointed.
Sago with gula melaka. Acceptable. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


去年年尾到日本游玩时,我们去了趟河口湖,在那住了一晚传统的日式旅馆,也是我们那趟旅程最贵的住宿-富士吟景。 旅馆坐落在可以遥望富士山的河口湖,风景很美,还有露天温泉。


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Great Set Lunch @ Monte's Restaurant & Wine Bar

Today I gave a lunch treat to my family after getting the half month bonus. Monte's at Bangsar Shopping Centre which exist for more than a decade is one of my favourite restaurants. It serves set lunch from Monday to Sunday,and the menu changes every day. The price range from rm26++ to rm30++. The homemade chicken chop burger, homemade lamb chop burger, salmon steak, grilled fish fillet with salsa, black pepper chicken etc are some of the main course I have tried, and all these priced at rm26++. Their steak sets usually priced at rm30++. I always think the price is very reasonable for the portion of food served,the ambiance and the service provided. As compared to many eatery places which charge rm25 or above for a plate of simple pasta, I think Monte's is considered cheaper. The set comes with a free drink, a soup of the day, a main course, and a dessert which is usually ice cream or fruits. Besides, homemade soft sweet bun which is soft and warm is served with butter as the starter. The taste of the food there is delicious and tasty, though I always feel guilty for the carbo load after finishing the whole course.