Monday, July 20, 2015

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream from 320 Below, One Utama Shopping Centre

Recently, there is this new liquid nitrogen ice cream cafe from Singapore which opened its first branch in Malaysia. It is located in One Utama Shopping Centre, outside Isetan. 

Although this cafe has only opened for less than a month, there are quite a number of customers around. The cashier was still a bit slow in taking order.

As we have taken a heavy dinner, four of us ordered one waffle with 2 scoops of premium flavor ice cream to share. Our order of the ice cream waffle and a black coffee cost Rm32.40. When I recall the one scoop of liquid nitrogen ice cream we had in Labmade Hong Kong was around HK$ 46, the price in Malaysia is still considerably affordable.
We picked the best seller Thai Coconut ice cream and Tiramisu ice cream. 
The Thai Coconut ice cream was smooth,light, fragrant with bits of coconut flesh in it. It was good, especially if you like coconut. The Tiramisu ice cream was more of a surprise to me. The taste was so delicious that I thought I was eating a piece of cold Tiramisu. I just couldn't stop myself from having more. As for the waffle,it was too eggy for my liking.

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