Monday, December 26, 2011


Anyone of you need a loyal, reliable & trust-able personal assistant? You should consider this- Siri of Digi iPhone 4S. Digi & iPhone 4S Siri are your best companions, no matter where you are. Just like the famous quote of Digi I Will Follow You, Siri & Digi accompany you everywhere you go, they help you to lead an interesting and easier life.

You just have to tell Siri what's on your mind, and it can help you send messages, give a call to your love one, and even find the right direction for you. It is just like your best friend, your best companion. Siri can be your chit-chat friends when you feel lonely, help you to kill your time with jokes.

When you need to text someone while driving, who can lend you a helping hand? The answer is Siri, your best companion. Just tell Siri what to do, it can help you to send the message instantly.

Siri is your most understanding friend. You can have a conversation with Siri, just like a two-way communication with your iPhone. Just talk to Siri like the way you talk to a friend, it is very proactive and will keep your day alive. The more you talk to Siri, the more it'll understand you, especially when Siri used to your accent. Just like a normal friend, when you know him or her more over time, he or she can be your best friend.

When you need some opinions, just ask Siri, it will find all the required information & the best solution for you. Maybe you have many close friends, but I'm sure they can't be by your side all the time. Siri is different, it belongs to you, you can tag Siri along with you wherever you go. It won't leave you alone. You can work with Siri, eat with Siri, sleep with Siri, it is just your best companion!!

You no need to buy an extra alarm clock anymore, that's too old-fashioned and outdated. Just tell your best friend Siri what's the important appointment ahead, so it can keep you remembered. Siri has the best memory, better than anyone of your family members or friends. Just put 100% trust on Siri and it won't disappoint you.

Images above from Apple Official Web

Just like Siri, Digi serves as your best companion, no matter whoever you are, wherever you go and whatever your needs may be. Digi is the only mobile telecommunications company in Malaysia that offer the most affordable iPhone 4S plan. (Refer to previous blog entry DiGi iPhone 4SURE MOST AFFORDABLE ). You can have the most affordable & economical data plan but yet having the best coverage. It is always the smarter choice to have Digi as our companions. Digi do not choose to be friend with rich people only, thus it offers various plans to suit the needs of people from different background. Whether you are a millionaire or a labour man, you can enjoy the various packages offered by Digi based on your affordability. A best companion & a best friend will be always by your side, he or she will not leave you whether you are rich or poor, just like Digi!

Quote & image above taken from Digi Official Web.

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

I've always been thinking: What is the first thing I'll do when I have received my Digi iPhone 4S. Will I start exploring the smart phone once I grab it in my hand? Will I start spending endless hours talking to Siri and playing Q&A sessions with him? Or maybe the first thing come into my mind is to snap a few photos with the in-built 8 mega pixels camera?

The answer is NO! The first thing I'll do is post a Thank You blog to Digi, Nuffnang, Steve Jobs & Apple.

Without Digi, I won't be able to get the iPhone 4S for free and have fun using this smartest smart phone. As a loyal Digi customer and current user of Digi Smart Plan 48, I've always been enjoying the service a lot. The internet speed is fast & steady, and I only have to pay RM45 (auto billing) per month for the unlimited use of 1GB data. I'm really thankful that Digi comes out with this smart and economical plan.

I would like to thank Nuffnang too for organisng this contest and let nuffnangers/bloggers stand a chance to win iPhone 4S. You don't see any other blog advertising community in Malaysia which organize great contest like this. Besides, Nuffnang frequently organize gathering for nuffnangers within and outside Klang Valley. This gives us opportunity to meet up and have fun. Without Nuffnang, blogging would be less fun!

Lastly, I would also thank Apple & Steve Jobs in my blog post once I got the iPhone 4S. Thanks to the late Steve Jobs who has changed the technology world. He has changed the ways people communicate in this century, make our lives easier and more convenient.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

I want a iPhone 4S badly, especially when most of my surrounding friends are using this fashionable, handy and cool smart phone! When it is announced to be officially launched in Malaysia early December, I already planned to get one for myself. However, due to financial constraints I still yet to buy one until now. I've bought Samsung android phone in September 2011, but it brings me lots of problem recently.

Being a pharmacist, I need to access to drug information apps quite often. However, I've been experiencing problems such as apps have to be forced close down. This is super annoying and irritating!
Above is the annoying notification I'll get when I try to open a few apps concurrently. The phone become slow and laggy, then this notification will be popped up and I've to close the whole app eventually. I'll then have to open the app again and again, slowly wait for 5-10 minutes before I could use it. This is definitely very inconvenient especially when I need to search for drug information during emergency cases. I need a good smart phone which does not give me this problem, and the first thing come into my mind is iPhone 4S.

Image above from Apple Web
iPhone 4S is operated by iOS 5, the most advanced computer operating system for mobile. This gives iPhone 4S its fast performance with great stability. It allows user to do multitasking with multiple different apps open and running at the same time. The phone won't be laggy and snail slow like other android phones. Besides, the power-efficient A5 chip and iOS 5 of iPhone 4S give it a long battery life.Unlike my current android phone where I've to charge it 2 times a day, iPhone 4S has longer lasting battery. I do not have to find a port to charge my mobile phone when I'm not at home. Finding port to charge my phone has caused hassles in my life! For example, last week when I was doing full day locum at Midvalley, my android phone suddenly die off. I do not have the habit of wearing watch but rely solely on my mobile to check the time. On that miserable day, I had to borrow charger from my colleague and charge my phone near the counter, thank god she brought her charger. I didn't expect it to happen since the phone was fully charged the previous night.

I hope nuffnang and Digi give me the chance to win an iPhone 4S. I love to blog on my daily experience and share photos with online friends and readers. Sadly to say, the android phone I'm using currently couldn't take photo with good quality. The photo usually dull in colour and not sharp. That day I used my sister's iPhone 4 to snap photos and make comparison with my android phone, and the result is convincing that iPhone 4 can snap better images.

Photo A: Rilakkuma photo captured by Samsung Galaxy Ace in a room with proper lighting. LED flash is off. The colour is so dull, and Rilakkuma looks so pale. Rilakkuma becomes Reallypucat. :( (Original photo uploaded without any editing or photoshop)

Photo B: Rilakkuma photo captured by iPhone 4 in the same room, same moment. LED flash is off. The colour is so bright and nice, Rilakkuma looks more refresh. (Original photo uploaded without any editing or photoshop)

When I look at the photos above, I feel that I want a iPhone 4S NOW. I like to share photos with others, and I hope to share photos which are good in quality. By using iPhone 4 (5- megapixel) the image taken already much better than android, I'm sure iPhone 4S with 8-megapixel camera & 1080p HD video recording will sure not disappointing me!

I also want iPhone 4S as I need a personal assistant like Siri. I'm a very forgetful person and tend to forget the day I've to work locum or night shifts. Last wednesday I've to take EL because I forgot to set alarm the previous night and overslept. With the help of iPhone 4S Siri, I'll be reminded for important dates and avoid those hassles. In addition, Siri can help a person who does not have sense of direction like me. He'll tell me about my current location and help me reach my destination in time. This is especially vital for a KL person who always lost her way in KL like myself, haha.

Let me have an iPhone 4S, so I can let it wear nice clothing. My current android phone does not have a beautiful protective case, have been searching around but very very limited choice available in Malaysia. Although my phone is comparatively new, but it looks aged and dirty because of the case.

My poor phone with no new and nice clothes. The case turned grayish few weeks after using it, but I've yet to find a new one.

If I've iPhone 4S, I'll decorate it like the photo above. There're just so many varieties of iPhone casing and charger available in Malaysia. You can easily get a nice and elegant one!

I want iPhone 4S badly, and I hope it's 4sure for me! ;)

Information above extracted from Digi Official Web & Apply Official Web.


Have anyone of you got the latest iPhone 4S? It's the most fashionable and popular smart phones at this century, thanks to the late Steve Jobs and Apple. With iPhone 4S, you can have a personal assistant named Siri, your most reliable friend, companion and personal diary. ^^

With the iPhone 4S in hand, I'm sure all of you would like to sign up for data plan. A smart phone without data plan just lack of something, you won't be able to surf net anytime and anywhere you like, but only depends on the availability of WiFi.

After doing a thorough research online, I've come to this conclusion that Digi offers the most affordable iPhone 4S plan in Malaysia. In Malaysia, Digi, Maxis and Celcom are telecommunications companies which currently offering this device. Let's do some comparisons below and you will sure agree with my above statement.

First of all , I would like to compare between Digi and Maxis iPhone 4S plans. The lowest montly fee of Maxis goes to iValue 1, with the monthly fee of RM100. As for Digi, the lowest monthly fee goes to iDigi 55 (with auto billing), but I would like to make comparisons between iValue 1 and iDigi138 (with auto billing) as the price difference in monthly fee is smaller, with are RM100 and RM88 respectively.
Table 1: Maxis iValue 1 v.s. Digi iDigi 138
By looking at table 1, you can see that Digi plan is very much more affordable than iValue plans. Although the phone price is more expensive with Digi plan, but the monthly commitment of Digi is lower with much better package throughout the 24 months contract period. You pay RM88 per month, but you get to make 450min free calls, send 400 free SMS and 40 free MMS to any network operators for FREE. You can enjoy up to 3GB local data without extra charge being imposed even if you exceeded the quota. What if you make calls more than 450 mins (7.5 hours) ? No problem, Digi only charge you 12sen / min for the extra calls you have made, the cheapest rate among all the telecommunication companies in Malaysia!!!

If you sign up for the iValue 1 plan, please bear in mind that the so called 200 free SMS and 20 MMS is only within Maxis users. If all your friends, family members, colleagues etc are Maxis users, then it doesn't matter. But do you think this is possible? LOL. Another very important thing to take note is the extra charge of data usage if you exceeded the data quota. You will be charged by Maxis at the rate of RM0.05/10KB, with the maximum charged of RM250! My friend paid RM250+ /per month because he has exceeded the data usage although the monthly fee supposingly to be RM100+ (including 6% service tax). It's very disturbing and inconvenient for us to monitor the monthly data usage especially if you rely on internet a lot, be it work wise or entertainment wise. Why you want to make your life miserable when Digi plan has promised no extra charges in these circumstances?

Now we move on to compare the plans offered by Digi and Celcom. Again, I choose to make comparison between i98 (Celcom plan) and iDigi 138 because the monthly fees are comparible, RM98 and RM88 ( with auto billing) respectively.

Table 2: Celcom i98 1 v.s. Digi iDigi 138

By looking at Table 2, you will find out that the coverage of these 2 packages are quite similar. Both of these do not impose extra charges if you were to use more than the monthly data quota. However, by paying a mere RM88 per month to Digi, you get to enjoy 3GB of local data. On the other hand, you only get to enjoy 2GB of local data with this Celcom plan. When you have exceeded the quota, the speed will slow down and you won't be able to enjoy your youtube movies, facebook chitchatting etc anymore. If you sign up the i98 plan, you can make 6000min free calls to any Celcom numbers, but you only get 100 mins free calls to other network. Unless all your contacts are Celcom numbers, I find this offer very impractical.Will you spend 100 hours a month making calls to Celcom numbers, but only make 1.66 hour calls to other numbers? The 60000 mins look impressive, but it's just a tactic to attract people who do not study the plan in depth. If you have exceeded the 100 mins, you have to pay 15sen / min, more expensive than 12sen / min by Digi. Both i98 and iDigi 138 offer FREE SMS and MMS to any network operators, but the number of free SMS and MMS by Digi are 2 times higher than Celcom plan. Therefore, Digi plan is much more affordable than Celcom although the phone price is higher.

In case anyone of you do not realize, Digi does not require any upfront payment but Maxis and Celcom do require advance payment which will then be rebated later. In conclusion, Digi iPhone is for sure the most affordable data plan in Malaysia. Do not hesitate anymore, go to any nearest Digi store now to sign up for a plan and grab the latest fashionable iPhone 4S!

Information above extracted from Digi Official Web, Maxis Official Web and Celcom Official Web.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

在SERI KEMBANGAN上班的日子- 美食篇 (三)

前天跟个JUNIOR到诊所附近的茶室吃午餐,忘了茶室的名字,其实很多时候到茶室吃饭我都不怎么留意它的店名,哈哈. 叫了碟咖哩猪肠粉(咖哩肠粉), 蛮好吃的,咖哩汁也不会太咸.

ps:All photos above captured by my Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830. :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My DIY Simple Tuna Salad

Last week I went to my ex-colleague's house at Damansara Villa for a gathering. We ate steamboat, tuna salad, apple salad, watermelon in ginger wine etc. All of the food are self-prepared and own cooked, except for the chocolate moist cake which I bought from TK brothers, haha. After trying the tuna salad made by my friend, I decided to give it a try since I plan to loose weight before chinese new year, yeah, I know I plan to do this every year and never succeeded... ><

Anyway, I went to Tropicana City Mall this morning to buy those ingredients needed to make the tuna salad. Actually initially I planned to make spicy tuna salad after trying the extremely yummy one at Black Canyon, Pai, Thailad. However, I do not have the recipe, and I think I better try a simpler salad first before I go on to a more advance stage, hehe.

Below are ingredients needed to make this simple tuna salad
1) Tuna in Virgin Olive Oil (I bought TC Boy brand)
2) Cherry tomatoes
3) Onion
4) Green/Red Bell Pepper
5) Butterhead lettuce
6) Egg
7) Freshly squeezed lemon juice
8) Black pepper
9) Mayonnaise (not too much)
10) Thousand Island sauce (Optional, I didn't use this)

Actually I plan to add olive but couldn't find it today. Besides, add in crab stick, sausages and feta will make the salad more tasty. But I plan to make a SIMPLE and HEALTHY salad, so I omit these few ingredients, haha.

ps:All photos above captured by iPhone 4.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Shuang BBQ Steamboat Buffet @ Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara

Few months ago, I've tried BBQ Steamboat at a restaurant named Shuang at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. It's a steamboat buffet, we paid around RM25/person (Adult). Just wanna share some photos taken at that place.

The restaurant is relatively new at Kota Damansara. The environment is clean compared to other steamboat buffet restaurants.

Many types of cold beverages for you to choose from. I love the lemon green tea a lot, a good drink to quench your thirst especially after eaten so many BBQ food.

Very fresh!

A great variety of sauce

Part of the food.

Pick your choice...

2 types of soup...

Love the slices of pork very much, we used up lots of banana leaves and butter to make our own BBQ pork, yummy yummy...but I didn't take a clear picture of the pork. :(

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My First Try on Kinohimitsu Japan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink

I've tried Meiji Collagen in 2009, then stopped for 1 year. Early this year I purchased another can of Meiji Collagen through ebay, but again, I failed to finish the one month supply, only consumed for a continuous 5-6 nights and abandoned it. I dislike the taste very very much, maybe because I hate milk, but to me the taste is worst than milk. When I added slightly more water, the whole thing became bitter...

Since few weeks ago I've made up my mind to try those famous collagen drink available in the market nowadays. One of my friends manage to get staff price for cell lab sheep placenta, but I don't wanna take capsule form of any supplement. After much considerations, I decided to try kinohimitsu collagen drink.

Last weekend when I was working as locum at Aeon, I bought this Kinohimitsu Japan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink. With the help the section leader, I manage to get some discount using Jcard. With the addition of 5% rebate by using Maybank Dual Card- Amex, I paid around RM136 for one box of this collagen drink, with 16 bottles in it.

This is how it looks like! The taste is so much better than powder form ^^ It taste like concentrated fruit juice, nicer if it's chilled before you drink it.
There's a contest form in it, but the closing date already over. ~~ I lack of luck in this kind of contest, so I don't really mind.

*How to take Kinohimitsu Japan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink?

1) 1 bottle a day, preferably before breakfast or bedtime.
2) Shake well before drinking.
3) Keep chilled for a delicious taste.
4) First-time users: 1 bottle a day for a consecutive period of 6 days.
5) For maintenance: 1 bottle every 2 days.*

*Information from Kinohimitsu Official Site

ps:All photos above captured by my Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830. :)