Sunday, December 25, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

I want a iPhone 4S badly, especially when most of my surrounding friends are using this fashionable, handy and cool smart phone! When it is announced to be officially launched in Malaysia early December, I already planned to get one for myself. However, due to financial constraints I still yet to buy one until now. I've bought Samsung android phone in September 2011, but it brings me lots of problem recently.

Being a pharmacist, I need to access to drug information apps quite often. However, I've been experiencing problems such as apps have to be forced close down. This is super annoying and irritating!
Above is the annoying notification I'll get when I try to open a few apps concurrently. The phone become slow and laggy, then this notification will be popped up and I've to close the whole app eventually. I'll then have to open the app again and again, slowly wait for 5-10 minutes before I could use it. This is definitely very inconvenient especially when I need to search for drug information during emergency cases. I need a good smart phone which does not give me this problem, and the first thing come into my mind is iPhone 4S.

Image above from Apple Web
iPhone 4S is operated by iOS 5, the most advanced computer operating system for mobile. This gives iPhone 4S its fast performance with great stability. It allows user to do multitasking with multiple different apps open and running at the same time. The phone won't be laggy and snail slow like other android phones. Besides, the power-efficient A5 chip and iOS 5 of iPhone 4S give it a long battery life.Unlike my current android phone where I've to charge it 2 times a day, iPhone 4S has longer lasting battery. I do not have to find a port to charge my mobile phone when I'm not at home. Finding port to charge my phone has caused hassles in my life! For example, last week when I was doing full day locum at Midvalley, my android phone suddenly die off. I do not have the habit of wearing watch but rely solely on my mobile to check the time. On that miserable day, I had to borrow charger from my colleague and charge my phone near the counter, thank god she brought her charger. I didn't expect it to happen since the phone was fully charged the previous night.

I hope nuffnang and Digi give me the chance to win an iPhone 4S. I love to blog on my daily experience and share photos with online friends and readers. Sadly to say, the android phone I'm using currently couldn't take photo with good quality. The photo usually dull in colour and not sharp. That day I used my sister's iPhone 4 to snap photos and make comparison with my android phone, and the result is convincing that iPhone 4 can snap better images.

Photo A: Rilakkuma photo captured by Samsung Galaxy Ace in a room with proper lighting. LED flash is off. The colour is so dull, and Rilakkuma looks so pale. Rilakkuma becomes Reallypucat. :( (Original photo uploaded without any editing or photoshop)

Photo B: Rilakkuma photo captured by iPhone 4 in the same room, same moment. LED flash is off. The colour is so bright and nice, Rilakkuma looks more refresh. (Original photo uploaded without any editing or photoshop)

When I look at the photos above, I feel that I want a iPhone 4S NOW. I like to share photos with others, and I hope to share photos which are good in quality. By using iPhone 4 (5- megapixel) the image taken already much better than android, I'm sure iPhone 4S with 8-megapixel camera & 1080p HD video recording will sure not disappointing me!

I also want iPhone 4S as I need a personal assistant like Siri. I'm a very forgetful person and tend to forget the day I've to work locum or night shifts. Last wednesday I've to take EL because I forgot to set alarm the previous night and overslept. With the help of iPhone 4S Siri, I'll be reminded for important dates and avoid those hassles. In addition, Siri can help a person who does not have sense of direction like me. He'll tell me about my current location and help me reach my destination in time. This is especially vital for a KL person who always lost her way in KL like myself, haha.

Let me have an iPhone 4S, so I can let it wear nice clothing. My current android phone does not have a beautiful protective case, have been searching around but very very limited choice available in Malaysia. Although my phone is comparatively new, but it looks aged and dirty because of the case.

My poor phone with no new and nice clothes. The case turned grayish few weeks after using it, but I've yet to find a new one.

If I've iPhone 4S, I'll decorate it like the photo above. There're just so many varieties of iPhone casing and charger available in Malaysia. You can easily get a nice and elegant one!

I want iPhone 4S badly, and I hope it's 4sure for me! ;)

Information above extracted from Digi Official Web & Apply Official Web.


Min said...

Come join me for 4s! I love my phone so I can use micromidex already :) Hope you can get your 4s, hehe!

Mindy said...

thanks a lot smin, i hope i got it too ^^

jimmy disoza said...

I did the same thing! My Samsung phone had no where to hook the cellphone charm onto, so I just bought a case and used that. I love charms, and it's a must have on my phone for me! ;)coques iphone 4