Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Utama Jusco has Reopened - New Look + More Organized Stores

Today is a happy day for me, finally no need to be waken up by the irritating alarm clock.This is the only day of this week which I get to rest to the fullest! Tomorrow will be another hectic day for me, work from 8am to 10pm, have to cover methadone, OPD, stock receiving & extended hours.

This morning I went to One Utama with my sisters, my main aim is to take a look at the new outlook of Aeon Jusco. Aeon Jusco (besides supermarket) and part of the stores at Old Wing, One Utama, has been closed for half a year since February 2011 for renovation and upgrading. Jusco is reopened on 22 August and managed to attract many many customers since its reopening day, I believe is due to the Raya sales and attractive new outlook.

Part of the ladies department

More brands and boutiques available.

A chef is promoting some kitchen utensils, full of people, I could hear his voice but not sure what was he doing, ahaha

For those who frequent One Utama Jusco store last time would sure realized that its supermarket and department stores are located at different ends of the building. After the renovation, both the supermarket and department stores are located at the same end which give a more organized layout.

Part of the supermarket. Clear signage + bright light

Lots of cheese ^^ Yum yum
Pringles on sales!!! So cheap, only RM2.79 for one bottle, I bought 3.

Unagi Don- Ichiban! But the price also very 'nice'.

Mister Donut

20% off for the famous crepe from Japan- Shimino
Chocolate cake + banana crepe with chocolate sauce topping. Surprisingly its not that sweet and very tasty. The crepe is soft type and blend very well with the banana + chocolate cake, yummy ^^

Saturday, August 20, 2011

2 Days 1 Night Trip at Pulau Tiga @ Survivor Island, Sabah

I just came back from 7-days vacation trip at Sabah, another gathering trip with my uni time best friends. Needless to mention, we had an enjoyable and happy trip which is well-planned by kheng fui, the local sabah girl. This is my third visit to Sabah, but I've many more places yet to be explored. We joined a 2-days 1-night trip at Pulau Tiga a.k.a Survivor Island. Each of us paid around RM215 which include accommodation, 3 meals, free flow of coffee/sabah tea/milo, boat transportation from jetty to Pulau Tiga Resort.

Waiting for the boat at jetty... by the way, the jetty at Kuala Penyu is around 2 and a half hours drive from Kota Kinabalu, if I'm not mistaken

Snapped some photos while waiting. The boat departed around 10am, and it's another 20min boat ride before we reached Pulau Tiga

Finally here we are, Pulau Tiga!!! We were briefed regarding some simple rules & regulations on this island, and what activities we could expect of.

Survivor Island is a peaceful island and not too commercialized. If you are looking for an island which could give you total relaxation, this is definitely a good choice.

We spotted some nice flowers along the beach, but don't know its name

Before we had our lunch, we registered at the counter and headed to mud volcano. It's 1.2km from the resort, and the trail is quite ok.

The first volunteer from my group who jumped into the mud volcano. It's supposed to be good for your skin... free facial mask. == After 'dipping' the whole body into the mud volcano, we faced difficulty while walking back to the resort using the same trail. Before the mud get dried up, my legs were so slippery and couldn't grip well on my sandals!

When the mud started to dry up... you will look scary @@

After we had our lunch, we spent another 3 hours in the sea, the sea does not have colourful fishes like Pulau Sapi, but we enjoyed the peaceful moment too. Some of my friends who did not swim just spent their time lying at the seaside with books in hands.

After taking shower, we walked around the beach before dinner started. The view is superb, sunset at seaside is always nice, last year I got the same experience too at Bali.

Night activities at Pulau Tiga Resort -Pool (need to pay) or Karaoke (Free, but no chinese songs) We played cards instead...

The next day we went to Snake Island and Sand Pit, need to pay RM40 per pax but it's optional. The boat depart around 930am, and it's another 30min journey from Pulau Tiga.

Ocean Blue, Blue Ocean!!!

At Snake Island, I love this pic!!!

Snakes hide under these rocks! But they are inactive in the morning, and that's the reason we do not visit the island at night, lol.

After snake island, we stopped by at Sands Pit. This is a paradise to us, looks more like an isolated island without any pollution. The sand is white and soft, and the water is crystal clear!!! We never expect to stop at this beautiful island, what a surprise to us ^^ We spent another one and a half hour in the sea, some tourists went for snorkeling too.

I'm lovin it ^__^

Around 12.30pm, we went back to Pulau Tiga Resort to take a shower, and say bye bye to this lovely island at 2pm...