Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Utama Jusco has Reopened - New Look + More Organized Stores

Today is a happy day for me, finally no need to be waken up by the irritating alarm clock.This is the only day of this week which I get to rest to the fullest! Tomorrow will be another hectic day for me, work from 8am to 10pm, have to cover methadone, OPD, stock receiving & extended hours.

This morning I went to One Utama with my sisters, my main aim is to take a look at the new outlook of Aeon Jusco. Aeon Jusco (besides supermarket) and part of the stores at Old Wing, One Utama, has been closed for half a year since February 2011 for renovation and upgrading. Jusco is reopened on 22 August and managed to attract many many customers since its reopening day, I believe is due to the Raya sales and attractive new outlook.

Part of the ladies department

More brands and boutiques available.

A chef is promoting some kitchen utensils, full of people, I could hear his voice but not sure what was he doing, ahaha

For those who frequent One Utama Jusco store last time would sure realized that its supermarket and department stores are located at different ends of the building. After the renovation, both the supermarket and department stores are located at the same end which give a more organized layout.

Part of the supermarket. Clear signage + bright light

Lots of cheese ^^ Yum yum
Pringles on sales!!! So cheap, only RM2.79 for one bottle, I bought 3.

Unagi Don- Ichiban! But the price also very 'nice'.

Mister Donut

20% off for the famous crepe from Japan- Shimino
Chocolate cake + banana crepe with chocolate sauce topping. Surprisingly its not that sweet and very tasty. The crepe is soft type and blend very well with the banana + chocolate cake, yummy ^^


Min said...

Wah, it has been a long time since I been there...I don't know it was under renovation. Can't wait for my Kl day trip this wednesday ,hehe!

Mindy said...

if got time go one utama jusco supermarket area, remind me of spore takashimaya

bacterium said...

wow.. i haven't been to 1u for like a year now. should have gone there yesterday, but we went to empire instead. heard that the foodcourt is managed by food republic already?

Mindy said...

hi bacterium, one utama still has arena food court and jusco supermarket food court session, these r the renovated one. For the food republic food court, it's on the other side and upstairs, also new and nice!

mrssyediz said...

Is it jusco still at the same place as before?