Monday, August 31, 2009

De Tai Tong Cafe @ Penang

I went to Penang with mum & sis last weekend as we had something important to do at Kedah. During our stay at Penang, we stayed at Uncle Chuen Tick's house. He brought us around to try yummy local food. Yesterday morning, we went to this De Tai Tong Cafe located at Penang town to eat dim sum as breakfast. The street was full of people and it's difficult to find a place to park our car!

The dim sum restaurant is very traditional and all the workers there are
not that young... My uncle told me that they will come and chit-chat with you if there are not many customers around.
Very yummy porridge, the fried stuff taste a bit like yao char kuai.
HK style chee cheong fun, the fun is very smooth and delicious, not to mention the crispy prawns wrapped in it!
Part of the dim sum we ate! I didn't manage to try all as I'm not used to have early breakfast. I enjoyed eating the chicken claws the most, I MISS it now!
The dim sum Ah So (aunty) paused for my sis to take a photo of her dim sum trolley while she was busy walking around . ^^
The cereal prawn recommended by the dim sum ah so. She says we must eat this at their restaurant. Really delicious, crispy outer layer wrapping crispy prawn+mayonnaise inside.

My uncle took this special lotus pao for us to try, first time i c lotus paste with egg inside a pao, special. The Ma Lai Gou is again recommended by the worker, I lovvvveeeeee it, slurrrrrrrpsss! The cake is very warm and soft, yum yum yum! I didn't know pumpkin seeds can be added to Ma Lai Gou, such a good combination.

Long time never tried good dim sum, I was very satisfied yesterday morning, hoho.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Orphan (2009)- A great movie

Today I watched this movie at GSC, Tropicana City Mall. It has been a long long time since I watched this type of horror+mysterious movie in the cinema. I really love this movie, from the storyline, plotting to actors, especially the girl who acted as Esther. She looks so evil that I really believe she's a psychotic child, haha.

However, I find some parts of the movie which r not very convincing. For instance, how come a kid is allowed to enter ICU without being noticed by other healthcare providers? How come a small little girl has so much strength to XXX her family members? (I shall not reveal more)... SPOILER ALERT Although she's an adult mentally...
Besides some minor flaws, I think this's a great movie and is highly recommended to watch this in the cinema, not DVD, unless u have a hi-fi set, lol.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Delicious Cafe @ New Wing, One Utama

Having early tea at Delicious Cafe (by Ms. Read)

Mango Cheesecake with Mango Salsa- RM12.90
Highly recommended by relative & friend. This is the REAL mango cheesecake.

Frosty Guava & Sour Plum- RM9.90
I can't really taste guava, but i love the sour plum.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chinatown of Singapore ; Mei Heong Yuen Dessert

During my last visit to Spore, we dropped by at Chinatown after the exhauted Sentosa Day Trip. Our purpose was to have dinner at this well-known dessert restaurant- Mei Heong Yuen Dessert.

MRT exit at Chinatown
Chinese New Year deco could be seen everywhere as the festival was just around the corner

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert. The restaurant was filled with many many customers when we reached there at 8.30pm. An old lady kindly asked us to have her seat as she was about to make a move. Thanks thanks. ^^

I was having severe water depletion after the tiring Sentosa trip, so I quickly ordered my favourite dessert--> Mango with pomelo & sago ($3.50). Fantastic! This could really quench my thirst!

Mango pudding ($3.00)- Above average

Pumpkin Cake ($ 2.20) - Owwwwwwww this's so delicious and yummy!!! That was the first time I tried pumpkin cake, didn't know it could be so tasty! You'll regret if you don't try this. Many customers ordered this, it must be highly recommended by the owner! We ordered a second serving, but the busy workers just forgot about it... ( Too many people around~~).

Yam Cake ($2.20)- This's not bad, but not as nice as the pumpkin cake.

I forgot why we didn't order carrot cake, maybe wasn't available that night. I wanted to try Cantonese Dumpling ( Hum Yoke Jong) because my sis told me it's very delicious. The waitress disappointed me by saying that cantonese dumpling will only be available at CNY time, sigh! The best cantonese dumpling goes to the one homemade by my grandma, all my family members and relatives sure couldn't agree with me more. There was once my mum's friend got to try my grandma's homemade dumplings. She loved it so much that she actually asked from which hawker stall that my mum bought it from so she could buy more. Haha. I could eat it everyday every meal for 2 weeks without feeling sick of it. Now I won't get to eat it anymore...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Photos of Sentosa Island, Singapore

This morning my internet server down and couldn't access internet. Out of boredom, I rearrange those files stored in the external hard disk and found some photos of my S'pore trip 2008-09. During that trip, we paid a visit to Sentosa Island again. It has changed a lot since my last visit in 1994, especially the advancement in its transportation. We purchased ticket at Vivo City and took Sentosa Express (same as LRT) which provides easy access to Sentosa Island. The whole Sentosa Island is linked by Sentosa Express and really bring convenience to tourists.

Sentosa Express

Sentosa Station @ Vivo City

The Merlion- A half-lion, half-fish creature.
Sentosa Skyride & Luge. We reached a higher part of the land by Skyride, then came down with a fun-filled gravity ride- Luge. I enjoyed it a lot, too bad couldn't snap a photo of me with the Luge.
A photo taken by me from Sentosa Express, not bad right? Looks like a postcard. I think my photo shooting skill quite good. :P By the way, I read one taiwan comic by this famous author- WanWan. She drew one view of Sentosa Island and exactly the same as this photo, what a coincidence!

My conclusion is - Singapore is a clean and well-organized country.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Starting of My Slimming Mission

Start from today, 6 August 2009, I'm going to follow a strict slimming plan to reduce my body weight. My body weight has increased tremendously since I was at second year of University. Until today, I still couldn't figure out the reasons of me suddenly put on so much extra pounds. The possible reasons are lack of physical exercise, reduction of metabolism rate due to increasing age; However, these reasons are not convincing enough for me to accept the truth that I'm overweight now.

I have been telling people around me that I wanna keep fit and reduce weight since 2004, but no action was taken. Last few days, after my grandma's funeral, I took out some old albums to regain my memory of childhood / younger days. When I compared my current body size with those captured in old photos, I felt so depressed that now I decided to START my slimming mission.

I don't have an exact schedule or diet plan to follow, so I'll start off with cutting down the amount of fat I consume everyday. Less chocolate, less snack, less fried stuff!

I give myself 3 months to achieve the above target! I'll weigh myself every week to make sure my body weight is reducing and not increasing. @@

Tuesday, August 4, 2009





我生平第一个lady包包也是外婆买给我的。那时我还在念小学,跟姐姐、外婆及亲戚到新加坡探望小舅父,顺便到处走走。记得在Sentosa Island时外婆因为腿酸走得较慢,我看她一直落在后头,就放慢脚步等她,其实她那时已经接近70岁了。后来外婆在当地要我选个自己喜欢的包包送给我,我就选了个枣红色的包包,它的价钱可不便宜呢。经过了15-16年,那个包包已经不知道被收到哪了,但外婆的那份心意却被我牢牢记着。