Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chinatown of Singapore ; Mei Heong Yuen Dessert

During my last visit to Spore, we dropped by at Chinatown after the exhauted Sentosa Day Trip. Our purpose was to have dinner at this well-known dessert restaurant- Mei Heong Yuen Dessert.

MRT exit at Chinatown
Chinese New Year deco could be seen everywhere as the festival was just around the corner

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert. The restaurant was filled with many many customers when we reached there at 8.30pm. An old lady kindly asked us to have her seat as she was about to make a move. Thanks thanks. ^^

I was having severe water depletion after the tiring Sentosa trip, so I quickly ordered my favourite dessert--> Mango with pomelo & sago ($3.50). Fantastic! This could really quench my thirst!

Mango pudding ($3.00)- Above average

Pumpkin Cake ($ 2.20) - Owwwwwwww this's so delicious and yummy!!! That was the first time I tried pumpkin cake, didn't know it could be so tasty! You'll regret if you don't try this. Many customers ordered this, it must be highly recommended by the owner! We ordered a second serving, but the busy workers just forgot about it... ( Too many people around~~).

Yam Cake ($2.20)- This's not bad, but not as nice as the pumpkin cake.

I forgot why we didn't order carrot cake, maybe wasn't available that night. I wanted to try Cantonese Dumpling ( Hum Yoke Jong) because my sis told me it's very delicious. The waitress disappointed me by saying that cantonese dumpling will only be available at CNY time, sigh! The best cantonese dumpling goes to the one homemade by my grandma, all my family members and relatives sure couldn't agree with me more. There was once my mum's friend got to try my grandma's homemade dumplings. She loved it so much that she actually asked from which hawker stall that my mum bought it from so she could buy more. Haha. I could eat it everyday every meal for 2 weeks without feeling sick of it. Now I won't get to eat it anymore...

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remus said...

Yeah, I couldn't agree more, the mango pudding is so much above average. But I don't mind to pay for it since it's delicious! In fact, there are other nice desserts available there. The crowd there is always overwhelming.