Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Starting of My Slimming Mission

Start from today, 6 August 2009, I'm going to follow a strict slimming plan to reduce my body weight. My body weight has increased tremendously since I was at second year of University. Until today, I still couldn't figure out the reasons of me suddenly put on so much extra pounds. The possible reasons are lack of physical exercise, reduction of metabolism rate due to increasing age; However, these reasons are not convincing enough for me to accept the truth that I'm overweight now.

I have been telling people around me that I wanna keep fit and reduce weight since 2004, but no action was taken. Last few days, after my grandma's funeral, I took out some old albums to regain my memory of childhood / younger days. When I compared my current body size with those captured in old photos, I felt so depressed that now I decided to START my slimming mission.

I don't have an exact schedule or diet plan to follow, so I'll start off with cutting down the amount of fat I consume everyday. Less chocolate, less snack, less fried stuff!

I give myself 3 months to achieve the above target! I'll weigh myself every week to make sure my body weight is reducing and not increasing. @@


Min said...

Wei, 7kg is too much for you la! You want to become a 'stick' is it ah? Hehe, I think 2-3kg will do :)

Mindy said...

Min, last time I was 7kg lighter than now b4 i entered UM, but wasn't as thin as a stick, just nice for my height, hehe.

花 花 宇 宙 said...

huh? how r u goin to write ur food review while u r on ur slimming mission?hehe,bring me alone lah when u order food, i don't mind to eat extra :>

日月神教-任我行 said...