Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lunch @ Hokkaido Ichiba (Kita no Zen), One Utama Shopping Centre

Last Sunday, I went to One Utama shopping mall with my sisters for shopping and lunch. I really appreciate my weekend nowadays, especially on days that I no need to work locum/extended hours. We planned to dine in at Hokkaido Ichiba (Kita no Zen)as suggested by my eldest sister as she knows we love Japanese food!

We decided to have early lunch/brunch to avoid the usual long queue. That's the first time we tried Hokkaido Ichiba in One Utama, as it's newly opened, very near to the relocated KFC. We did try Hokkaido Ichiba in the Gardens, Midvalley mega mall and the queue is always very very long. It's under the same management as Sushi Zanmai, but of a more high class version I suppose. The decoration is nice, looks more grand than Sushi Zanmai.

The menu

Ice Green Tea - Free of Charge. The service is good, we get green tea refill many times without being requested, and is FOC.

Cranky Salmon Maki, very tasty!! The salmon is fresh and juicy. RM16.00

I just couldn't stop from eating it, one after another.

Turkey Cheese Okonomiyaki , much much more nicer than the one I tried at Sushi Zanmai, the Gardens, Midvalley. This one is fully seasoned with sauce and mayonnaise, yum yum ^^ The okonomiyaki is served hot, with bonita flakes dancing on top of it. ^^

Chicken Teriyaki Zen (Bento set) RM22.00

Needless to mention, the teriyaki chicken is nicely marinated. The chicken is soft and juicy too.

Chawan mushi - The japanese egg custard. The egg custard is very soft and slurpy. ^^

Chicken Katsu Don- RM18.00. Nothing much to describe but just a simple word- GOOD!

All the prices above subjected to 10% service charge and 6% government tax. We spent RM88.15 in total for 3 pax.

Hokkaido Ichiba (Kita no Zen)
LG101, Lower Ground Floor Promenade,
One Utama Shopping Centre,
No.1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: (603)77270020 Fax: (603) 77280030
Super Dining Sdn Bhd


Most Desirable said...

Hi, japanese food may not be cheap here but looking at your great pics i just couldn't help to save anymore. Must try, must try!! Pls do read my story, thks:)

Min said...

I tried the one in The Garden before, very yummy. I think their desserts are great too, a lot of choices.

Mindy said...

Yeah, japanese food is not cheap but nice to eat, have to save more $$ hehe

min, i also like the one in the gardens, but i waited so long for my turn haha. this time i am too full, next time i will leave some space for the dessert!! ^^

Meitzeu said...

I love Japanese Food!! Especially Salmon!!


The Food Ninja said...


I have provided a link to your review on my site. I found your site while researching for my own reviews. Thanks!

The Food Ninja

Anonymous said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...

Mindy said...

Dear The Food Ninja,

TQ for your suppport. :)

Mindy said...

Dear The Food Ninja,

TQ for your suppport. :)