Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bubble Milk Tea Drink @ Chatime, Uptown, Damansara Utama

Yesterday I went to Chatime, Uptown Damansara to take away bubble tea. I've been craving for bubble milk tea since I first tried it in mid-1990's,couldn't recall the exact year, but was way before Quickly & Happy Cup became famous in Singapore & Malaysia (these 2 brands were famous in 2002-2004, then eventually all the outlets closed down too). I still could remember the owner was a Taiwanese Lady, she could speak fluent mandarin and cook delicious food. The restaurant , located at Uptown, was closed down few years later and replace with another restaurant now. :(

Anyway, last night I suddenly had this crave and went to Chatime, first time step into that outlet since its first opening in August 2011. This outlet is not crowded like the Chatime branch in the Gardens, Midvalley, thus is a better place for people who dislike long queue like me. I'll start to loose patience if I were to queue up for more than 15mins just to order a drink.

We ordered Pearl Milk Tea (Regular) 50% sugar, Chatime Milk Tea (Regular) 30% sugar & Uji Matcha Milk Tea (Regular) 30% sugar. While waiting for them to prepare the drink, we waited at a corner with cushions. This place is very comfortable, with air-con and strong fan, a good place to chit chat with frenz and surf the net. (free WiFi) The deco is simple but nice, and the slightly dim yellow light give us some privacy too.

They use Queue Management System (QMS), so we can easily know when it's our turn.

My favourite drink, bubble milk tea!!!

ps:All photos above captured by my Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830. :)


Most Desirable said...

Hi, nice pics and i must definitely try the out the place as bubble tea is also my favourite. Pls do read my story. Thks.

Min said...

That day we were in Penang, we went for chatime also, I ordered that Uji Match, not bad, but I still prefer coffee, haha.

Mindy said...

Hi most desirable, your blog is great ^^

Min, i saw there's one macha latte, coffee plus macha, haha

bacterium said...

I remember seeing this in Taipei before but the crowd there is just not that much. Maybe the people there grew out of the bubble tea. i'll go for ice plum tea, to aid digestion.

Mindy said...

Taiwan has far too many choices for bubble milk tea, hehe