Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lunch @ The Bread Shop, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

Last Friday, my colleagues and I went to a bakery shop in Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara Kuala Lumpur for lunch. Friday is the day which we can enjoy longer break, thus last week we decided to explore new place. Anyway this shop which named The Bread Shop (yes, that simple) located not far away from my office, just ten minute drive. 

There are many types of buns and pastries displayed at the counter, you have to tell the cashier what you want upon paying. This is a bit inconvenient as I have to memorize the names of buns. The long queue of people behind me make it difficult for me to double check the names once forgotten. So just order for yourself and do not order for others, especially when there is a whole group of friends, lol.
By the way, this shop is small with limited seats, be sure to come at odd hours if you come in a large group. Or else, be ready to sit separately, in smaller group of two or four, just like what we did.

So many, have you make up your mind?


We started off with banana scotch and raisin scones, heard that these two are among some of the must-try buns. Believe me, they taste superb! The banana scotch looks sweet from its appearance, I nearly wanted to give up before ordering. Luckily my friend wanna give it a try and yes, it is very delicious! The pastry is perfectly done  and not too sweet. In fact, there is only slight natural sweetness from banana inside the pastry and caramel topping. Remember to eat while it is warm, the crispy pastry and warm banana is the best combination.(Rm6.80 per piece, quite a large piece and can be shared among two  to three).

The raisin scones are quite tiny, but the taste is equally good! They are not too sweet as well, so you won't feel guilty to spread more strawberry jam on it, yummy! (Rm4.80 for 2 pieces, extra charge for the jam and cream).

The Bread Shop serves hot food as well, and I ordered this smoke chicken pizza as main course. The base is very crispy, the real thin crust pizza, just like biting a biscuit. The taste is good, but I find that the amount of smoke chicken is too little, just a few tiny slices. Don't think it is enough for a young man even he swallow the whole thing. They should be more generous on pizza toppings! (Rm 15.90)

This is a must try dish, and I believe it is their signature dish as I saw many people having this as lunch. Mango smoke chicken croissant, the most delicious and unique croissant I have ever tried. This is ordered by my friend, and I can't recall the  exact price. It is around Rm15.90-16.90. The combination of smoke chicken slice/ham, mango, cheese and croissant is awesome, all of us who tried this just love it so much. The mango and sauce on top are a bit sour but blend so well with the slightly salty cheese and chicken ham. 

Some of my colleagues tried sandwiches too but the taste is too ordinary. The coffee there is good, one of the highly recommended place for coffee. 
I do not drink coffee, so there will be no comment from me for the taste of coffee there. My friends who tried latte and macchiato enjoyed their cup of coffee very much.

After finished our lunch, some of us take away buns and pastries. One of my colleagues claimed himself to be kiasu enough to take away Rm60 value of buns!!@@ When you take away scones, the cashier will ask you whether you need extra strawberry jam. Do not say yes unless you are willing to pay Rm6 for a tiny container of jam, just enough for 4 scones when you are buying 6 scones. I have bought it as I thought they won't give any if you do not pay extra. In fact they will give a few super tiny container of jam if you take away, it comes as scones set but the cashier did not tell me... = =

Anyway, this is a must try eatery place, try to come at odd hours to avoid huge crowd of people.

Ps: some photos taken by my friends bee ai and ee wan.

The Bread Shop 
11, Jalan Setiakasih 5
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-20938734
Opening hours: Monday to Friday (8am-7.30pm) and Saturday (8am-5pm). Closed on Sunday.


bacterium said...

Whoa. More and more this kind of shops popping out of nowhere.

Anyway, thought you have stopped blogging. you should write more!

Mindy said...

Thanks bacterium, I have stopped for quite some time :)