Sunday, March 27, 2016

Llao Llao Frozen Yogurt @ Midvalley Megamall

I love frozen yogurt ice cream, but the variety of brands in malaysia are not much as compared to countries like US. Tutti Frutti and Moo Cow are among the more famous stores in Malaysia. Recently, the famous frozen yogurt from Spain has reached Malaysia. It is found in pavillion, midvalley and gurney plaza penang. After hearing the good review and recommendation from a friend, finally we tried it in Midvalley 2 weeks ago. It is a kiosk store situated at the same level as the gsc cinema, you won't miss it due to the striking green logo and queue of people.

Here is the price list with number of options. If you just want to taste a bit of the froyo after a heavy meal, there is the option of petitllao. 
Many delicious looking toppings. The quality of toppings available is really good, i like the sauce very much! 
How to resist this cup of good froyo. The hazelnut chocolate sauce was really tasty and blend so well with the sourish yogurt. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Good Experience in U.S. Nonimmigrant Visa Application (Malaysia)

I have successfully received my 10 years U.S. nonimmigrant visa this evening! Throughout the visa application process, I consider myself as the lucky one. We did not face any difficulty or hindrance, from the online application to payment and interview. Below were the simple steps I took before securing this visa. 
1) First of all, ensure the type of visa you are applying for is correct, based on your purpose of visiting the United States. For my case, it is B2.
2) You need Internet access to fill in your personal information online, and of course a dekstop pc/laptop/tablet/ipad/smartphone. Proceed to this website and complete the DS-160 form.

Please read the details and ensure all the information filled in are correct and true. During the interview, the officer might verify certain information with you based on what you have submitted.
3) Make visa payment~ I have chosen to make the payment online using JomPay via maybank2u. The steps are so simple and direct, just make sure the deposit slip you use are valid, and you selected the correct type of visa. The consular exchange rate for usd dropped from 4.4 to 4.2 one day before I decided to make the payment, and this helps me to save rm32!! :) For details, kindly proceed to:
4) After the payment is done, you can start to schedule your interview appointment. Proceed to create an account here and fill in the particulars needed.

If you are going to apply visa  and travel with your family member, you can choose to have the interview together. For my case, I have selected to attend the interview with my sister, thus I just need to fill in certain information for 1 time only, as it will be the same for both of us. I think they are very considerate for this matter, and it actually helps to save time for both sides. 

5) Attend my appointment as scheduled! The U.S.embassy situated in Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur. It is just beside Plaza See Hoy Chan. For those who drive there, you may park at the visitor parking of the plaza. Again, we are very lucky as my sister's office is located besides that plaza, so we just parked our car at Micasa All Suites Hotel and walked over (she gets seasonal parking foc subsidised  by the company). We have opted the second session 745am, as we worried we couldn't reach on time. In fact we reached at 705am,  and the queue was already very long. There were easily 30 people in the line. A guard outside the embassy gate will call out for the appointment time. This means that even if you reach early, you won't be able to join the actual queue unless your appointment time has reached. I will say choose the earlier session the better. Get ready with all the documents needed in hands to shorten the time at the embassy gate.

6) We then went through all the screenings,  from security check to scanning of thumbprint. Finally we were given a number and waited for our turn in a waiting area. After approximately 45 minutes of waiting, we were interviewed by a handsome officer. He asked us some questions about our purpose of travelling, who is paying for the trip, how long will we be staying in the states, what are our jobs etc. As we stated that we are attending my cousin graduation ceremony, the officer did confirm with us my cousin's name, her graduation place, whether she is a permanent resident / citizen etc. The officer was really nice and I heard he spoke simple mandarin to a few Chinese uncles whom can't speak English well. After around 5 minutes of interviewing, the officer smiled at us and said: ok, your visas are approved. (Yeahhh)

7) Wait for my passport and visa~ we have opted for courrier service  (no additional charge) instead of self collection, so we just have to make sure someone can sign and receive for us. Guess what, we waited for 1.5 days to get back the passports with 10 years visa imprinted, weeeee. (Interviewed on Tuesday morning, received the passports on Thursday after lunch, so efficient!)

My 10 years multiple entries visa to the United States of America, yiiipeee

Above is just my simple sharing of experience. For details on document needed to bring during interview,please refer to the 'Appointment Confirmation' page once you have successfully fixed the appointment. We did bring many supporting documents to support but were not asked to show. This is case to case basis, so I will still suggest to prepare the documents deem necessary. 

Do note that from the moment we entered the embassy gate until we completed the interview, I could be with my sister all the time as we have declared as travel companion in the online submission and scheduled appointment together. This is really convenient especially for old people or young teenagers who usually need to be accompanied. Overall my experience  in U. S. Visa application in Malaysia is really good and I do hope everyone has the same smooth application as we did.