Saturday, May 29, 2010

One Day Pass at Universal Studios Singapore Part 3

The ride which I enjoyed the most at Universal Studios Singapore during my visit must be Revenge of the Mummy at 'Ancient Egypt'. This is an indoor roller coaster which's super exciting and fun! Why? Because we were 'flung' up and down by the roller coaster in total darkness. We wouldn't know where were we heading to, when will be brought forward, backward, upward or downward. There're some colourful spotlights or lightnings during the ride but we couldn't pay much attention to it. I could only scream at the top of my lungs. At that moment, I felt that my life really dependent on that tiny roller coaster. == The roller coaster suddenly jerked and stopped halfway. All of a sudden I felt super hot and sweating, then only I realized there's a 'mummy' surrounded by 'fire' beside us. @@

After Ancient Egypt, one will get to the Sci-Fi City, the place with the Battlestar Galactica Cyclon(Blue Track) and Battlestar Galactica Human (Red Track). Heard that this is the world’s tallest pair of dueling roller coasters. They are so near to one another, only centimeters apart, so scary. These roller coasters are still under maintenance, so I didn't have the opportunity to try it. I could feel numbness in my leg by merely looking at them, don't think I'll have the courage to give it a try even if it's operating. ~~

A robot, so cool

Since nothing much could be done at Sci-Fi City, we went on to New York & Hollywood. Took some photos along the way.

Many people surrounding this yellow cab to snap some photos.

We managed to catch the last session of Monster Rock stage show at 6pm, in the Pantages Hollywood Theater. The show was good, you could see all the hollywood monsters such as the dracula, frankenstein etc being transformed into modern Rock 'n Roll stars. They danced and sang on the stage, then ran towards the audience to shake hands. The dracula then sat beside the girl in front of me, so funny. The performers are really talented. Thumbs up!!!

After the stage show, we walked around and bought some souvenirs. It was 7.15pm when we walked out from USS. (During soft opening, the operating hr is from 10am to 7pm). The USS workers lined up on both side and clapped their hands when the tourists leaving, including us. ~~

Took another photo before we left USS.
It's time to leave Resort World Singapore? Of course not, we then headed to the Resort World Casino...

Friday, May 21, 2010

One Day Pass at Universal Studios Singapore Part 2

After 'Far Far Away', we went on to the next movie themed attraction- The Lost World. Here, we saw a huge crowd of tourists patiently queuing up for the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and Canopy Flyer. We tried the Canopy Flyer first, it's a flying vehicle where you can have a prehistoric bird's-eye view of Jurassic Park. Remind me of the time I tried Flying Fox at Kuala Lipis, almost a year ago.

The 'entrance'. Nearby there're two huge 'dinosaurs', green in colour.

The Lost World, first time watched this movie in the cinema was more than 15 years ago.

After Canopy Flyer, we wanna joined the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, a thrilling river raft ride through primeval dinosaurs habitats. However, the lady worker told us we had to wait for one hour to reach our turns. In order to catch the 3pm water world show, we had to leave this ride aside first and went to have lunch, that time was almost 2.10pm.

Dinosaurs drinking bottle, many people bought this!!! I think the T-Rex looks scary. @@

We had lunch at the Discovery Food Court, the place where you could try a variety of local dishes. I picked the laksa set which comes with a bowl of laksa, otak-otak and almond-longan pudding, cost me S$9.80, so I could pay using the food voucher.

Otak-otak with sambal chili.

Laksa, quite tasty. I love the huge,juicy and crispy prawns.

Although I don't favour almond, I find this pudding jelly quite delicious and not too sweet.

When the time reached 2.50pm, we walked to the Water world for the live show. We were 'warned' to choose our seats based on own preference, where the front seats & middle seats audience would get wet or even soaked.

The performer splashed water at the audience before the show began, very fun!!! Some people holding umbrella, a funny scene.
A live show where you would get to see death-defying stunts and awesome explosions, one should not miss this if you come to USS. Due to time restriction, we have to choose stage shows which really worth-watching and highly-recommended, and of course this water world live show is one of the MUST watch shows.


Explosions with good sound effect!

Pirates of the Caribbean? :)

After watching the live show, we went for the Rapids Adventure river raft ride, this time we had to queue up for 30 minutes instead of 0ne hour as being warned, maybe because it's getting late. Many school children joined this ride as well, although it's not school holiday period, weird... The ride was smooth with some spinning until we reached a tunnel... Our raft suddenly halted and stopped together with a few surrounding rafts... Saw some workers running with walkie talkie along the emergency exit lane... @@ Thought that was the special tricks done by them until we realized that... There's a huge technical problem and the ride had to be stopped!!! People surrounding us started to make noise, couldn't believe this actually happen at Singapore. >< style="text-align: justify;">

Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Day Pass at Universal Studios Singapore Part 1

Before we went to Singapore in early May, we already bought the entrance ticket- one day pass from the official website of Resorts World Sentosa. In order to avoid the huge crowd, we opted for one day weekday pass which cost S$66 per person. We printed the Home Tickets and showed to the workers upon entering Universal Studios Singapore. (USS) To our surprise, USS was crowded with many many tourists although we went there on Thursday, so you can imagine what'll it be during weekends.

USS is located at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), thus we went to RWS via The Sentosa Express at VivoCity shopping mall, Level 3. We paid using our Ezlink card, S$3.00 per person. We then alighted at the first stop- the Waterfront Station. Once u get down at Waterfront station, you will get to see a clear sign board which lead u to USS.

Resort Worlds Casino is on the left while USS is on the right.

The symbol of USS

There are a few movie-themed attractions at USS, which include the Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City and New York. After we entered USS at the main entrance, Hollywood is on our left. There u can see a huge souvenir shop selling USS themed T-shirts, souvenirs etc. Many restaurants along the side, such as Celebrity Cafe & Bakery, Hollywood China Bistro. We took a photo with Betty Boop over there, haha. By the way, we got S$10 food voucher & S$5 souvenir voucher from USS, maybe as a form of compensation because there're some rides which are still closed.

The t-shirts are sold with reasonable price, I bought 2 pieces, but not the Madagascar one, ha.

Ferrero Rocher's Car? A stall selling some snacks.
We then walked straight until we reached the Madagascar attractions site. A lady worker passed a show schedule to us so it's easier for us to catch performances which we're interested in. We managed to catch the Central Park Zooapalooza Tour at Madagascar.

So cute

Waving at the audience
We didn't stay too long at Madagascar as it's more for kids. We headed to Far Far Away and tried the Enchanted Airways junior roller coaster. We waited for around 30min for this ride but it's nothing special, a bit dizzy after we 'landed'. The main attraction here is the Shrek 4-D Adventure. We waited very long before we could enter the theater.

Poster on the wall outside the theater, quite funny. The 4-D movie was nothing great, sadly to say this. I find the 4-D movie at Sentosa much better than the USS one.

Nicely decorated shops.

To be continued...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tampopo Japanese Restaurant @ Takashimaya, Orchard Road, Singapore

Just back from Singapore recently, this time we got free accommodation at my relative's house, so it helps to save a lot. On the first day upon arrival, we unpacked our stuffs as soon as possible and headed straight to Orchard road. Orchard road is packed with bunch of people and tourists, as usual. After some shopping (window shopping for me), we wanna had dinner at Pepper Lunch, a Japanese type of fast food restaurant. To our surprise, it's being replaced by another Japanese restaurant named Tampopo. With some hesitations, we went into the restaurant, thinking of exploring a restaurant which couldn't be found in KL.

The chef at Tampopo is a Japanese, he served the food to us himself, with his warm smile. The customers beside us are Japanese too, eating the famous Ramen highly recommended by the chef. I dun really like ramen or udon, so I chose Chicken Cutlet Set, and it didn't disappoint me!

Chicken Cutlet Set. S$17.30++ The set comes with a bowl of rice, miso soup with sumptuous filling , watermelon and refillable hot green tea. I love the chicken cutlet the most, the chicken is so juicy and tasty that you can eat without any sauce. The outer layer is crispy yet not oily.

Chicken Katsu Don Set. S$16.30 ++. Much better than chicken katsu don which I tried before at Kura Restaurant & Sushi Zanmai.

I wish Tampopo will have its branches in KL soon~~

Saturday, May 1, 2010

台北夜市初体验- First Experience at Taipei Night Market

刚到台北时已经是下午了,本来在计划中我们是该去五份铺购物的,但那边距离我们的民宿比较远,而且那时我们都觉得饿了,所以LING建议我们去师大夜市,可以边吃边购物. 到达夜市时已经是晚上了,而且可能是人多的关系,感觉有点闷热的.

夜市里有好多卖衣服的档口,而且都好便宜,我们疯狂地选衣服,好像打仗一样,哈哈. 售货员的服务也不错,都很有礼貌的,但为什么声音跟志玲姐姐那么像 @@. 不过缺点是衣服都不能试穿,而且都是free size的,幸好我后来回家试穿时衣服都合身,嘿.