Friday, May 21, 2010

One Day Pass at Universal Studios Singapore Part 2

After 'Far Far Away', we went on to the next movie themed attraction- The Lost World. Here, we saw a huge crowd of tourists patiently queuing up for the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and Canopy Flyer. We tried the Canopy Flyer first, it's a flying vehicle where you can have a prehistoric bird's-eye view of Jurassic Park. Remind me of the time I tried Flying Fox at Kuala Lipis, almost a year ago.

The 'entrance'. Nearby there're two huge 'dinosaurs', green in colour.

The Lost World, first time watched this movie in the cinema was more than 15 years ago.

After Canopy Flyer, we wanna joined the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, a thrilling river raft ride through primeval dinosaurs habitats. However, the lady worker told us we had to wait for one hour to reach our turns. In order to catch the 3pm water world show, we had to leave this ride aside first and went to have lunch, that time was almost 2.10pm.

Dinosaurs drinking bottle, many people bought this!!! I think the T-Rex looks scary. @@

We had lunch at the Discovery Food Court, the place where you could try a variety of local dishes. I picked the laksa set which comes with a bowl of laksa, otak-otak and almond-longan pudding, cost me S$9.80, so I could pay using the food voucher.

Otak-otak with sambal chili.

Laksa, quite tasty. I love the huge,juicy and crispy prawns.

Although I don't favour almond, I find this pudding jelly quite delicious and not too sweet.

When the time reached 2.50pm, we walked to the Water world for the live show. We were 'warned' to choose our seats based on own preference, where the front seats & middle seats audience would get wet or even soaked.

The performer splashed water at the audience before the show began, very fun!!! Some people holding umbrella, a funny scene.
A live show where you would get to see death-defying stunts and awesome explosions, one should not miss this if you come to USS. Due to time restriction, we have to choose stage shows which really worth-watching and highly-recommended, and of course this water world live show is one of the MUST watch shows.


Explosions with good sound effect!

Pirates of the Caribbean? :)

After watching the live show, we went for the Rapids Adventure river raft ride, this time we had to queue up for 30 minutes instead of 0ne hour as being warned, maybe because it's getting late. Many school children joined this ride as well, although it's not school holiday period, weird... The ride was smooth with some spinning until we reached a tunnel... Our raft suddenly halted and stopped together with a few surrounding rafts... Saw some workers running with walkie talkie along the emergency exit lane... @@ Thought that was the special tricks done by them until we realized that... There's a huge technical problem and the ride had to be stopped!!! People surrounding us started to make noise, couldn't believe this actually happen at Singapore. >< style="text-align: justify;">


leonie said...

hello. I am emjoying this post. I have been to the LA USS and the Jurasic park ride was one of my favourite rides. went on it at least 4 times. So looking forward to doing it again in July when i come to Singapore. will definitely go on the Monday now you tell us it is busy.
I agree about the Shrek ride too, but havent seen the far and away. hope they are still giving out the vouchers as i dont want to go on the Sci Fi coaster much too scary sounding for me. thanks for the tips.

Mindy said...

Monday shouldn't be as busy as weekend, so u've made the right decision. :)

The Sci Fi roller coaster really looks scary, very huge and high up, I might not have to courage to try it even if it's operating. @@

Min said...

Sounds fun for me, would like to visit one day, but need to save more money first, sure spend a lot if go there, hehe...