Saturday, May 29, 2010

One Day Pass at Universal Studios Singapore Part 3

The ride which I enjoyed the most at Universal Studios Singapore during my visit must be Revenge of the Mummy at 'Ancient Egypt'. This is an indoor roller coaster which's super exciting and fun! Why? Because we were 'flung' up and down by the roller coaster in total darkness. We wouldn't know where were we heading to, when will be brought forward, backward, upward or downward. There're some colourful spotlights or lightnings during the ride but we couldn't pay much attention to it. I could only scream at the top of my lungs. At that moment, I felt that my life really dependent on that tiny roller coaster. == The roller coaster suddenly jerked and stopped halfway. All of a sudden I felt super hot and sweating, then only I realized there's a 'mummy' surrounded by 'fire' beside us. @@

After Ancient Egypt, one will get to the Sci-Fi City, the place with the Battlestar Galactica Cyclon(Blue Track) and Battlestar Galactica Human (Red Track). Heard that this is the world’s tallest pair of dueling roller coasters. They are so near to one another, only centimeters apart, so scary. These roller coasters are still under maintenance, so I didn't have the opportunity to try it. I could feel numbness in my leg by merely looking at them, don't think I'll have the courage to give it a try even if it's operating. ~~

A robot, so cool

Since nothing much could be done at Sci-Fi City, we went on to New York & Hollywood. Took some photos along the way.

Many people surrounding this yellow cab to snap some photos.

We managed to catch the last session of Monster Rock stage show at 6pm, in the Pantages Hollywood Theater. The show was good, you could see all the hollywood monsters such as the dracula, frankenstein etc being transformed into modern Rock 'n Roll stars. They danced and sang on the stage, then ran towards the audience to shake hands. The dracula then sat beside the girl in front of me, so funny. The performers are really talented. Thumbs up!!!

After the stage show, we walked around and bought some souvenirs. It was 7.15pm when we walked out from USS. (During soft opening, the operating hr is from 10am to 7pm). The USS workers lined up on both side and clapped their hands when the tourists leaving, including us. ~~

Took another photo before we left USS.
It's time to leave Resort World Singapore? Of course not, we then headed to the Resort World Casino...


Min said...

The roller coaster seems interesting, stopped half way some more, next time if got chance, I will go, but not so soon.

Mindy said...

ya ya, must try revenge of the mummy, very exciting one, haha.