Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Like To Move It, Move It with Madagascar 2

I wish Nuffnang can give me a pair of tickets for Madagascar 2 Premiere Screening. I know I'm late, not the first 50 bloggers, but hope that I'll be lucky enough to get it. :)

Lunch @ Oriental Cravings, One Utama

Today I went to One Utama for shopping & to wash + vacuum my car. Initially we also planned to watch High School Musical 3, long time never been to cinema already. However, we didn't manage to watch because the available place too near to the screen (first & second row), don't wanna have neckache just because of a movie, lol. Went to few shops and bought one nice blouse and a pair of colorful earrings.

We had lunch at Oriental Cravings which located at New Wing. I quite like the atmosphere of this restaurant, very strong oriental feel.

I ordered fried tong fun, one of my favourite food. It costs me RM11.90 (not including tax!!!) just for one plate. However, the portion is very big, I only manage to finish 2/3 of it. Why can't they make smaller portion and charge less? The taste is not bad, u can find some prawns too.

The sweet & sour pork rice is not bad, the meat is very crispy and tasty. But again, I think the price is too expensive cos you can find similar standard rice at any chinese hawker stall. (RM12.90 not including tax)

Friday, October 24, 2008


在TEMERLOH工作2年多了,但很少到文德甲吃饭,因为下班后懒惰驾太远(其实只不过是15分钟车程而已,呵). 听别人说文德甲有很多美食,连我那挑食的舅父也这么说. 阿贤也介绍过那儿著名的TOMYAM和椰酱饭,可是我自己倒没吃过. 近来认识了一个新来的实习药剂师,是文德甲土生土长的女孩,她说会带我们去吃当地有名的食物,像虾面,ROJAK,酿豆腐等.太好了,趁还没申请回KL前,也该让自己尝尝美味的地道美食,嘿嘿.
虽然很少到文吃饭,但也去过那儿的夜市几次,还蛮热闹的,偶尔去逛逛也不错,反正就比淡马鲁好... 我很喜欢到个'大排挡'吃饭,大厨是华人,但听说进了回教,所以马来同胞也爱到那吃饭. 那而的铁板豆腐堪称一流,谁吃过都说好!海鲜TOMYAM美味极了,想到都流口水,哈哈. 坐落在KK MENTAKAB附近的hawker stall, 人挺多的,但那而比较多蚊子,我时常被叮. 
还有一家名叫'聚满楼' (还是聚宝楼,我忘了)的菜也很美味,是家有冷气设备的酒家,但价钱却非常便宜!!喜欢吃那儿的鱿鱼,招牌炸豆腐,MARMITE排骨,'四大天王'...




Friday, October 17, 2008

Lunch @ Sushi Zanmai

Friends who know me well definitely realize that I LOVE sushi!!! I can't live without sushi, yes, and I've to eat sushi at least twice a month, that's the minimum requirement for me to survive. Whenever I have to do on calls and stay back in Temerloh, I'll miss my sushi. Temerloh is such a small town (is it a town?!?) that you won't be able to see McD there, not to mention sushi restaurant outlets such as Sushi King. ><

Few days ago I had my lunch at Sushi Zanmai, that was the 4th (or 5th) times I went there. But that day was different, cos my younger sis gave me a treat, hehe.

I love sushi at Zanmai & Sakae because they are very fresh and tasty. Although the quality of sushi being served is much better than Sushi King & Genki, the price difference is very little. I would rather spend a few ringgit more in order to satisfy my taste buds. :)

This is my cousin bro's favourite, he can finish few plates by himself- a 10 year-old boy

This is much better than the ordinary egg sushi. I especially like the mayo sauce. ^^

Potato mayo!!! Although I know how to make this, but not up to standard lol, haha

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cutie T-Shirt Design (1)

From now on, I'm going to post some funny pictures which can be used as T-shirt design. Provided by my friend, hope u will like it.

All rights reserved


連續工作了168個小時后,我終于可以休息了!!!今天呆在家里休息,過了非常懶惰及無意義的一天。看了很多漫畫,再追看on demand的劇集,然后一直吃吃吃,真是有意思,哈哈哈。。。

上星期first call,手機24小時響個不停,真想把它給扔了@@( 開玩笑,很貴的!〕我以后一定不會選擇在醫院做工,no no no~~ 發現自己的脾氣越來越不好,尤其是精神不足的時候,tend to scold people.真的要好好控制自己的情緒,hoho.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is it ethical?

Is it ethical for health professionals to receive free gifts/goodies from pharmaceutical companies? Whenever they attend any conference/course/congress, they might receive gifts like pen, note pad, bag, calculator, mouse etc with drug company logo nicely printed on them. They even have free lunch sponsored by those companies.
Will this affect their judgement in selecting or prescribing a drug? Big Q~~

Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Trips in June

In early June, I attended a course held at Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi, Bentong. The place is very peaceful & great, I enjoyed myself. However, M'sia government wanna safe budget and cut cost now, think next time there'll be no activity being organized in the hotel or resort, sigh!

Later in the end of June, I went for vacation in Kuching, Sarawak with my colleagues. We spent 4 days 3 nights there, a very memorable and happy trip.

We went by Air Asia, the air ticket is very cheap!!!

Kuching town is very clean. No traffic jam even is lunch hour!! @@

The Cat Museum

Cultural village with many traditional houses & performance

The house is so high up

Cultural show

Everyone invited to dance on the stage ^^

Look at this huge orang utan (primate). According to local people, we were considered lucky to be able to see them. Usually they will be hiding themselves other than feeding time. This one is really huge & heavy, I was very near to him, without cage!!! While I was chatting with a couple (Caucasian), a local man suddenly warned us not to get too near. There were some tourists who were warded in the hospital after being attacked, gosh.

The baby orang utan, so cute. :)

A sifu who can shape nice clay vase in minutes

Black bear walking around. Not kungfu panda, lol~~

A sad monkey. He/she made some crying sounds

Crocodile eyes @@

Crocodile playing stunt! Lol, jk. He was being fed. This pic captured from the video I recorded

The famous layered cake, quite tasty, but cannot eat too much

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