Monday, August 31, 2009

De Tai Tong Cafe @ Penang

I went to Penang with mum & sis last weekend as we had something important to do at Kedah. During our stay at Penang, we stayed at Uncle Chuen Tick's house. He brought us around to try yummy local food. Yesterday morning, we went to this De Tai Tong Cafe located at Penang town to eat dim sum as breakfast. The street was full of people and it's difficult to find a place to park our car!

The dim sum restaurant is very traditional and all the workers there are
not that young... My uncle told me that they will come and chit-chat with you if there are not many customers around.
Very yummy porridge, the fried stuff taste a bit like yao char kuai.
HK style chee cheong fun, the fun is very smooth and delicious, not to mention the crispy prawns wrapped in it!
Part of the dim sum we ate! I didn't manage to try all as I'm not used to have early breakfast. I enjoyed eating the chicken claws the most, I MISS it now!
The dim sum Ah So (aunty) paused for my sis to take a photo of her dim sum trolley while she was busy walking around . ^^
The cereal prawn recommended by the dim sum ah so. She says we must eat this at their restaurant. Really delicious, crispy outer layer wrapping crispy prawn+mayonnaise inside.

My uncle took this special lotus pao for us to try, first time i c lotus paste with egg inside a pao, special. The Ma Lai Gou is again recommended by the worker, I lovvvveeeeee it, slurrrrrrrpsss! The cake is very warm and soft, yum yum yum! I didn't know pumpkin seeds can be added to Ma Lai Gou, such a good combination.

Long time never tried good dim sum, I was very satisfied yesterday morning, hoho.


Min said...

Wei, look delicous la the dim sum, would like to try the cereal prawn if got chance, like very yummy, hehe..

Mindy said...

Ya the cereal prawn very yummy :P