Friday, September 4, 2009

When? When? When?

18 September 2009 is my 3-year anniversary of working at the current hospital. When I first reported duty at kuantan back in 2006, I didn't expect myself to be working at the same place for so many years. Frankly speaking, I quite enjoy working there because not much of politics and can get along quite well with my fellow colleagues. But after work I don't like the life over there. The town is so small and 'dead', not much of activities can be carried out. Not many friends around there too, or shall I phrase it this way. Most of the friends over there are very homely and boring, can be bored to death if you can't adapt yourself to it.

When will I get my transfer? Have submitted the letter since last yr but until now still KIV. Why some juniors get to transfer out but we still stuck at the same old place? Please answer me~~


Min said...

Wei friend, be patient a bit, try to enjoy the life there, we got another year to go only anyway :)

花 花 宇 宙 said...

The answer is u don't have strong wire behind u, haha. 1 more yr only, maybe next time u look back and miss the day u work there.

Mindy said...

Ya, one more yr to go, i dun wanna get old so soon, but really can't wait for the moment I finish compulsory service.

Wireless mindy, hahaha