Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dinner Treat @ Sakae Sushi, The Curve

Few days back when Huey Im told me she will be coming back to Malaysia for holiday, I promised to give her a dinner treat. When we met up at The Curve last night, Huey Im suggested to have dinner at Sakae Sushi, a place where I have dined out for more than 10 times I guess. Since the opening of Zanmai Sushi, I seldom go to Sakae Sushi for meal but it's still a good place for Japanese cuisine.

Order food with computer is much more convenient especially for a hectic restaurant like Sakae

We went in around 6.15pm, purposely chose to go in before buka puasa time. The restaurant already flooded with customers although it was still early. I really wonder how much the owner earn per month, lol. We ordered a lot of sushi until we can't finish some of it, what a waste haha.

Huey Im's favourite- Salmon sashimi. I didn't dare to eat this until 2008, when I tried my first bite and starting to like it until now. But I still prefer raw salmon with sushi rather than salmon alone @@
My favourite unagi!!! Unagi with teriyaki sauce is always the best combination
First time tried this- Lemon Sorbet. Very very fine ice-cream with lemon flavoring. When we almost finised the dessert, I could feel the bitterness of lemon which is what I like. Yummy ^^

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