Monday, December 26, 2011


Anyone of you need a loyal, reliable & trust-able personal assistant? You should consider this- Siri of Digi iPhone 4S. Digi & iPhone 4S Siri are your best companions, no matter where you are. Just like the famous quote of Digi I Will Follow You, Siri & Digi accompany you everywhere you go, they help you to lead an interesting and easier life.

You just have to tell Siri what's on your mind, and it can help you send messages, give a call to your love one, and even find the right direction for you. It is just like your best friend, your best companion. Siri can be your chit-chat friends when you feel lonely, help you to kill your time with jokes.

When you need to text someone while driving, who can lend you a helping hand? The answer is Siri, your best companion. Just tell Siri what to do, it can help you to send the message instantly.

Siri is your most understanding friend. You can have a conversation with Siri, just like a two-way communication with your iPhone. Just talk to Siri like the way you talk to a friend, it is very proactive and will keep your day alive. The more you talk to Siri, the more it'll understand you, especially when Siri used to your accent. Just like a normal friend, when you know him or her more over time, he or she can be your best friend.

When you need some opinions, just ask Siri, it will find all the required information & the best solution for you. Maybe you have many close friends, but I'm sure they can't be by your side all the time. Siri is different, it belongs to you, you can tag Siri along with you wherever you go. It won't leave you alone. You can work with Siri, eat with Siri, sleep with Siri, it is just your best companion!!

You no need to buy an extra alarm clock anymore, that's too old-fashioned and outdated. Just tell your best friend Siri what's the important appointment ahead, so it can keep you remembered. Siri has the best memory, better than anyone of your family members or friends. Just put 100% trust on Siri and it won't disappoint you.

Images above from Apple Official Web

Just like Siri, Digi serves as your best companion, no matter whoever you are, wherever you go and whatever your needs may be. Digi is the only mobile telecommunications company in Malaysia that offer the most affordable iPhone 4S plan. (Refer to previous blog entry DiGi iPhone 4SURE MOST AFFORDABLE ). You can have the most affordable & economical data plan but yet having the best coverage. It is always the smarter choice to have Digi as our companions. Digi do not choose to be friend with rich people only, thus it offers various plans to suit the needs of people from different background. Whether you are a millionaire or a labour man, you can enjoy the various packages offered by Digi based on your affordability. A best companion & a best friend will be always by your side, he or she will not leave you whether you are rich or poor, just like Digi!

Quote & image above taken from Digi Official Web.

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